Confirm Staff via SMS

Offer and Confirm Shifts with fully customisable SMS functionality

Calculate Rates

Payroll integrations available *Personnel Manager is not a payroll software

Online Timesheets

Work hours can be locked by Staff, Supervisors, Customers and Administrators

Warnings, Alerts & Logs

Create warnings automatically emailed to Admin User

Incompatible Staff

Never accidentally book the wrong staff to the wrong customer

Staff Availability

Allow your staff to enter their availability directly into the system

Automate your Scheduling & Operations

Labour Hire
Hospitality & Events
Technical Services
Retail Outlets
Cafes & Clubs

Proudly servicing clients since 2005


Manage the labour aspect of your business from any device with an internet connection

Automate Processes

Automatically book Staff via SMS to streamline your business and free your time

Report Exports

Search Staff, Shifts or Timesheets and export the results

User Groups & Access Rights

Keep track of changes made by system operators

Hundreds of Configuration Options

Tailor Personnel Manager to your organisation

Customise Staff and Client Options

Create required fields and email warnings for upcoming expiry dates

Personnel Manager has given us the gift of time! Our team can concentrate on the job at hand knowing that everything they need to manage our staffing is sorted! In a production environment there is nothing more precious than time and PM has made our time work better and faster!

- Verified Client

Use it! If you don’t the rest of us will be better equipped to meet your client’s needs than you!

- Verified Client

No more confusion about where you should be and when and what you will be facing when you get there! PM gives crew ownership of their working days without wasting lots of time returning phone calls and missing gigs!

- Verified Crew

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