Employee Management Software

Recruitment, Scheduling, HR & Payroll

Personnel Manager simplifies the entire employment process in one easy platform.

Finally there is one system with the flexibility to create jobs for multiple clients and locations. Simply offer and assign staff to any job with any combination of roles, venues and customers as required.

Whether you run a nation-wide labour hire company or a retail outlet, your business and Personnel Manager is a perfect match. We provide everything you need for onboarding, creating rosters and scheduling your staff via SMS, email and push notifications.

Staff accept or decline jobs, manage their availability, view shift information and complete timesheets all from their mobile device.

Personnel Manager automatically blocks staff when their tickets expire or when they exceed set limits of hours worked in a week, fortnight or month.

VEVO check Australian working rights with one click.

Onboarding your staff directly into Personnel Manager is so easy, you won’t need a separate ATS.

The Personnel Manager team has been providing the best scheduling software since 2006 for many of Australia’s best companies.

Over the years our platform has developed from the first to automatically offer and confirm jobs via SMS to a complete employment platform.

Our partners no longer have to rely on a mismatch of legacy systems to get their daily tasks done. Now everything they need is found in the one easy platform, Personnel Manager.


  • Staff Allocation
    • Scheduling
    • Repeat Jobs
    • Jobs Page
    • Shifts Page
    • Calendar Page
    • SMS / Email
    • Crew CRM
    • Client CRM
    • Mobile & Email Staff Username
    • Activities
    • Multiple Venues
    • Venue Information
    • Staff Availability
    • Shift Reminders
    • Time Sheets
    • Ical Integration
    • Check In / Check Out
    • Team Leader Access
    • Star Ratings
    • Client Access Portal
    • Star Ratings
    • Company Branding
    • Billed on Total Users
    • Plus More!


  • Time & Attendance
    • Staff Check In/Out
    • Staff GPS
    • Supervisor Approval
    • Admin Approval
    • Multiple User Levels


  • Work Limits & Reminders
    • Work Limit Rules
    • Hrs Per 1 / 2 / 4 Weeks
    • Total Hours
    • Expiry Reminders
    • VISAs
    • Work Holiday Rules
    • VEVO Checks
    • Qualifications
    • Inductions
    • Training
    • Auto Block Crew
    • Email Warnings
    • Crew Uploads
    • Auto Email Reminders


  • Awards, Rules and Allowances
    • Award Interpretation
    • Custom Pay Rates
    • Meal Breaks
    • Multiple Pay Levels
    • Overtime per Shift
    • Overtime per Week
    • Split Shift Rates
    • Days of Week Rates
    • Delayed Meal Breaks
    • Paid Leave
    • Allowances
    • Expenses
    • Penalty Rates
    • Public Holidays
    • Automatic Calculation
    • Electronic TFND
    • MYOB Integration
    • Payroll Exports


  • Onboarding & Applicant Tracking
    • Fast Track Candidates
    • Recruit Sign Up Page
    • Staff Self-Registration
    • Admin Enrolment
    • Invite Applicants
    • Shortlist Applicants
    • CV Upload
    • Job Interviews
    • Citizenship Status
    • VEVO Check
    • Electronic TFND
    • Employment Contract
    • Agreements & Disclaimers
    • Company Policies & Procedures
    • Automatic Emails
    • Digital Signatures
    • Profile Completion Email
    • Auto PDF Attachments
    • Includes Compliance, Resources & Contracts Modules


  • Policies, Procedures & Manuals
    • Resource Wizard
    • Company Policies
    • Training Manuals
    • Company Procedures
    • Employee Handbook


  • Custom Forms & Quizzes
    • Custom Form Generator
    • Set Frequency
    • Assign Activities
    • Email Invite
    • Staff Auto Login
    • Create PDFs
    • Digital Signatures
    • Inspections
    • Auto Email Reminders
    • Examples below:
    • Custom Inductions
    • Pre-Job Checklists
    • Performance Reviews
    • Sign In / Sign Out Sheet
    • Staff Briefings
    • Any form you need!


  • Incident Reports & Inductions
    • Forms Matrix
    • Safety Induction (Crew)
    • Safety Induction (Team Leader)
    • Mobile Responsive SWMS
    • Incident Report Forms
    • Workplace Inspection
    • Hazard Reporting
    • Toolbox Talk
    • Orientation Inductions
    • Safety Alerts
    • Company Policies
    • Safe Work Procedures
    • Digital Signatures


  • Branded Invoices & Quotes
    • Auto Invoices
    • Auto Quotes
    • Auto Updates
    • Discounts
    • Email Invoice / Quotes
    • Email Statements
    • Late Payment Reminders
    • Xero Integration

Complete Employment Platform

Day Sheet

Personnel Manager’s Day Sheet will be a game changer for your business.

It serves as a time sheet for your crew, managers, clients and supervisors to Check In, Check Out and add multiple breaks.

Supervisors, managers and clients can review staff performance, give star ratings and select conditions such as punctuality, work ethic and experience.

Optional safety inductions and venue inspections with pre-filled job details and crew lists are saved automatically into your Forms Matrix and emailed to admin. Photos are uploaded and emailed in a special report once the Day Sheet is submitted with star ratings, feedback and conditions.


Personnel Manager navigates you through the minefield of legal compliance.

Daily and weekly overtime, days of the week, public holiday rates, split shift rates, allowances and multiple delayed meal break penalties are calculated automatically.

Work limits may be set for hours per week, fortnight or month to block staff from working more hours than permitted for student visas, return to work plans and other reasons.

Staff are automatically blocked when qualifications and inductions expire. Two automatic reminders may be emailed to your admin and staff, allowing them to upload new documents directly into Personnel Manager for your approval.

Compliances block staff and trigger automatic daily reminders and / or two custom reminders prior to expiry. Reminders are also sent when crew are blocked for exceeding their work limits.

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Personnelmanager Work Area


As Administrator you have complete control over all aspects of Personnel Manager’s powerful rostering and staff management system. Administrators may access all Businesses simultaneously.

Personnelmanager Work Area

Duty Managers

Duty Managers can be assigned unique permissions for Settings, Businesses, Payroll, Timesheets, Invoices, Wages Rules and Categories set by the Administrator and may access all Businesses simultaneously.

Personnelmanager Work Area

Business Managers

Personnel Manager allows you to manage different Businesses under the one platform, even with alternate ABN and invoicing details. Your Business Managers can access single or multiple Businesses for scheduling and management of staff.

Personnelmanager Work Area


Your customers can access their own online portal and use their own login to the CrewGo app to add jobs, view GPS locations of staff, discretely communicate with teams via message, call and video, view qualifications / inductions and approve Timesheets.

Personnelmanager Work Area


Supervisors (assigned by you or your Customer) can access the CrewGo app to view GPS locations of staff, discretely communicate with teams via message, call and video, view qualifications / inductions and approve Timesheets.

Personnelmanager Work Area

Project Managers

Your Project Managers can access their own online portal and their own access to the CrewGo app to view GPS locations of staff, discretely communicate with teams via message, call and video, view qualifications / inductions and approve Timesheets.

Personnelmanager Work Area

Team Leaders

Equip your Team Leaders so they can manage your staff onsite and with the option to be responsible for verifying Timesheets of other Staff working on the same shifts in their own portal.

Personnelmanager Work Area


Staff have their own CrewGo Staff App to manage their upcoming bookings and availability, clock on and off, update Timesheets, navigate via GPS to their Shift meeting point (including public transport) and more.

All-In-One System

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