Platform Services Description

Personnel Manager handles recruiting, scheduling, timesheets, payroll and client invoicing to help businesses of all sizes save on time, money and resources. It delivers an easy to use software that is there for you from recruitment to payday and everything in between.

You can say goodbye to printing and scanning documents. With our “sign here” button documents like contracts, policies and procedures as well as Tax File Number Declarations can be signed from your new employees’ mobile phone which is automatically saved to your new system.

Your new employees details including qualifications is uploaded on their file which can be easily accessed by managers and administration. This ensure you will never inadvertently have an unqualified person on the job.

Employees will never be late to a shift with our SMS reminders which ensures each employee knows exactly where to be and when Breaks, start time and finish times are clocked on the employees phone in real-time so the payroll is never late waiting for employees to confirm their start and finish times. Employees will always be easily contactable with our 2way SMS system.

New clients can make bookings and ask for quotes all online quickly and easily. Quotes are automatically generated and with one click are emailed to your new client. With our colour coding system, you will never accidentally forget to send a quote or invoice.

Getting information to all your employees can be done efficiently through our “actions” function. Whether it be something serious like a policy change or something like-hearted like wanting to congratulate your employees on a job well done, easily send an action to all your employees in seconds. By enabling the signature function your employees will sign after reading the action so you can rest assured knowing they have seen it.

Personnel Manager is available in a variety of plans with a minimum term of 12 months, to best meet the needs of your business. To compare the features across the Personnel Manager plans, please see our Pricing Page or contact us for details.