Pricing Policy

Scheduling Plan

$3.00 per User / month (total users)

Premium Plan

$4.00 per User / month (50 included users)

PM Apps Access

Included in all Packages

Optional Modules Only Available for Premium Plans

Charged Additionally to the plans above.

Compliance Module

$1.00 per User / month

Contracts Module

$1.00 per User / month

Resources Module

$2.00 per User / month

Recruitment Module

$2.00 per User / month

Includes Compliance, Contracts and Resources Modules

Payroll Module

$1.00 per User / month

Invoicing Module

$1.00 per User / month

Bookings Module

$1.00 per User / month

SWMS Module

$1.00 per User / month

Personnel Manager Plan optional extra charges:
The following Outgoing SMS rates apply.  
Price per outgoing SMS unit (Maximum 160 Characters)
1000 SMS Units @ 10 cents each SMS unit
2500 SMS Units @ 09 cents each SMS unit
10,000 SMS Units @ 08 cents each SMS unit
25,000 SMS Units @ 07 cents each SMS unit
100,000 SMS Units @ 06 cents each SMS unit
250,000 SMS Units @ 05 cents each SMS unit  
*Calculation of number of SMS units Information point:
The SMS system allows a maximum message size of 160 characters. If a user sends a longer message, the system splits itto two or more separate SMS units that may be reassembled on delivery so that they appear to be a single message (or, on some handsets, may be delivered as a series of separate SMS). When a longer message is split in this way, the components are no more than 153 characters long, because seven characters are used to facilitate re-joining on delivery.
As a result, a longer message will result in more than one SMS unit being transmitted, and charges apply accordingly, as described in this clause.  
Charges for Outgoing SMS will be based on the number of SMS units you send, calculated in accordance with the following rules:
(a) If you include any Unicode characters and send via a Unicode supported service, content that contains no more than 70 characters counts as one SMS unit. In all other cases, content that contains no more than 160 characters counts as one SMS unit.  
(b) If you include any Unicode characters and send via a Unicode supported service, content that contains more than 70 characters counts as one SMS unit for each block of 67 characters or part thereof. In all other cases, content that contains more than 160 characters counts as one SMS unit for each block of 153 characters or part thereof.
(c) A ‘character’ includes each individual letter, digit, punctuation and other symbol in the Content.
(d) Each press of a ‘spacebar’ generates a separate character.
(d) Some special symbols and non-English letters may comprise more than one character and you will be charged accordingly.  
(e) Where an SMS is sent to multiple End Users, each one is counted separately.    

1 Dedicated Incoming SMS Number:
$25 / month  
Dedicated Incoming SMS Messages:
Free unlimited  
Storage Memory:
Service Charge payable for any additional storage memory used.
2GB storage memory is included for all plans.
Additional storage memory is $10.00 per month / GB   PM Client / Crew App
App to App Voice and Video Calls – 1 cent per minute App to App Messages (not via SMS) – Included  
Bulk Email:
Emails sent via the Bulk email function is $5.00 per / 1000emails  
Vevo Check:
Vevo check cost $1 each check per/month    
Shift Export Backups
Export of Shifts from 01 January in the current year including all future shifts for security against power outages, server interruptions, internet connectivity issues or cyber attacks. Daily Export $50.00 per month. Hourly Export $100.00 per month.
Personnel Manager Ad Hoc Services:
Actions: Custom Forms that may be configured within the Personnel Manager ‘Actions’ module – $150.00 per Action
Policies: Generic policies for your company to be accessed by Crew within their Crew Portal or within the Recruitment Module – $99.00 per Policy* (See Disclaimer)
-Anti Discrimination Policy
-Social Media Policy
-Use of Company Resources
-Drug and Alcohol Policy
-Privacy Policy
-Sexual Harassment Policy
-Covid-Safe Plan
-Working From Home Policy
Installation Fee: $250.00 
Set-up and Training services:
$3000.00 for 3 days (8hrs each day) set up service plus travel and accommodation expenses.
Consultation rates apply after 3 days Implementation period finishes.
Consultation means providing training to our partners how to best use Personnel Manager software for their circumstances. This including Rates, Rules and Categories (Awards) Set Up, Xero Integration, MYOB Integration, Rental Point Integration, Resources Set Up, Actions Set Up, SWMS Set Up, Settings Set Up
Additional consulting services are charged at $149.00 per hour in 15 minute minimum increments, applied to your monthly tax invoice.   $149.00 per hour plus travel and accommodation expenses (min 4hrs)   Video call or phone call consultation $99.00 per / hr (min 2hrs)   Personnel Manager is unable to provide phone or after hours support for out of contract partners.
Prices for out of contract partners are higher than in contract partners.

Customisation / Integrations:
$85.00 – $350 per / hour upon our approval  Note that we or our assignees own the intellectual property rights in all customisations and integrations. All feature suggestions will be considered however paid customization is the only way to guarantee that requested features will be implemented according to an agreed estimated schedule  
Rental Point Integration:
$30 per month connection fee and $0.05 per shift for all future shifts scheduled in the Personnel Manager system at the time of invoicing.  
$2500.00 to archive a long running version of Personnel Manager and create a new instance on the current or new url.  
Support means providing technical advice on how to operate Personnel Manager software. If we determine that your call is for a consultation rather than support, we will notify you and you will be charged at consultation rates set out above.  
Your Premium Plan includes our Basic Support package:
Support is available from 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday AEST.
Support provided by telephone or email, Skype or other messaging in our discretion.
A maximum of 4 email or message support requests are included. The total duration of the email or message requests in a month may not exceed 60 minutes of support staff time.
A maximum of 2 support calls per month are included.
The total duration of the support calls in a month may not exceed 30 minutes.
After hours support charges may apply, in our absolute discretion. Additional support, over and above the inclusions in the Basic Support package, will be charged at the rates set out under “Off-package Support Hours” in the Services Charges and Payment Terms section above.
You may select a higher level of support at lower hourly rates by subscribing to our Premium Support Package which represents a potential cost saving of $151 per month.

Below outlines the type of User accounts for the Personnel Manager Premium Plan.  
Administrator: Each Personnel Manager Premium account has 1 Admin User assigned by default
Duty Managers: Duty Managers assigned by the Administrator in Admin Settings
Confirmed Staff: Each staff member confirmed on a Shift during a monthly billing cycle.
Personnel Manager Premium allows 50 times the number of confirmed staff in the active Crew List.    

Below outlines the type of User accounts for  PM Apps Access, that are available on the PM App and the PM Crew App.  
PM Client App Users:
Admin User – 1 Admin User who has registered for a PM App Platform Account.
Management User- A Manager who has registered for a PM App Platform Account. The Partner can determine the amount of Manager Users it wishes to register, subject to the payment of the Service Charges above.   
PM Crew App Users:  
Staff User – Staff members who has registered for a PM Staff App Platform Account. 

Personnel Manager Scheduling Users are billed monthly in arrears for 1 Admin User and TOTAL STAFF USERS in their Crew List Page + Disabled Crew List Page + Deleted Crew List Page + Blocked Crew Page.  
Personnel Manager Premium Users are billed monthly in arrears for 1 Admin User and Staff CONFIRMED on Shifts.  
Personnel Manager Premium and PM App users are billed monthly in arrears for Admin Users, Management Users and Confirmed Staff on Jobs.
Scheduling / Premium Plans Include: Scheduling, Crew list, Activities, SMS Shift Offering, Client List, Calendar View, Unavailability, Cloud-based Crew Portal and Client Portal.

Not included in Scheduling Plans:
Invoices, Quotes, Payroll, Rates, Compliance, Recruitment, Actions, Forms, Safety Module, SWMS, Auto Ranking, Duty Managers and Business Manager Access, Resources, Contracts, Custom Settings, Vevo Check, any Optional Modules.  
Premium: Total Crew Allowed = 10 times Confirmed staff (averaged over previous 6 months from billing date)  
All subscriptions billed monthly in arrears and Payable by Direct Debit. Ad Hoc Services Payable by Direct Debit.  
All Outgoing SMS units and Ad Hoc services billed at time of purchase and Payable by Direct Debit. Ad Hoc Services Payable by Direct Debit.   You must provide at least 60 days prior written notice to us by email to of your decision to terminate this Agreement prior to the expiry of the Initial Term or any Renewal Term (as applicable), or this Agreement is otherwise terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 
Note: Failure to pay any invoices strictly in accordance with the Payment Terms or to accept this agreement may result in interruption of your access to the Personnel Manager Platform and PM Apps.  
Please note, that these rates may be subject to change. Any change of rates will be notified to you in accordance with the provisions under the Personnel Manager Terms of Use.

The policies provided here are general in nature and are intended to be a template for you to build upon. The policy templates have been written without taking your company’s circumstances, objectives, and particular needs into consideration. You should read through each policy carefully and amend it in accordance with your company’s particular needs and circumstances. You should also ensure that where the policy says you will implement and maintain certain processes that you do so in accordance with the policy.
Personnel Manager provides no warranty for the use of these policy templates and does not accept any liability for any error, misdescription or omission in the policy templates. We will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or loss of profits that result from the use of these policy templates. You should not consider the provision of the policy templates to constitute legal advice and use of these policy templates should not be considered a substitute for advice from a qualified professional.
Information contained in the policies are based on current relevant law but laws are subject to change which could affect the information we have provided. We do not accept responsibility for changes to the law or your company’s circumstances which may impact the accuracy and suitability of the policy templates. You are responsible for reviewing your policies from time to time and considering any changes that may need to be made depending on your circumstances and the current law.