Induction is important to a job as it educates you about important information about a job that you may not be aware of, to upload or access your inductions on the app, follow the steps below.

On the Shifts page, please select a shift.

On the Job Details page, please select Incomplete button below induction (should the job require induction it will show an Incomplete button else, it will show a Not Required button)

Once redirected to the Upload Induction Page wherein you may do the following.

  • Expiry Date, please provide the date through the calendar interface.

  • Upload File, please select the location where the file is found on your device.

To check the status of the Induction, On the Job Details page please select Crew Pass.

The bottom of the page shows the Induction completed.

Furthermore, If you need to view the uploaded inductions, you may tap on the document and a window will pop out showing a preview of the document.