3.21 Shift History

CNB > Shift History A / DM / M

Shift History page provides a useful log of all shifts that are created in the PM.

By entering the shift number any actions or changes that’s done to the shift can be displayed from the creation of them. Under “Name” it shows the user name who has done the action, IP address of the device that was online at the time of action, and the date. “Note” column shows what has been done to that shift, whether it’s been sent out to crew, or time/date has been changed, locked/unlocked, etc.

N 3.21.1 Search Shift History

Shift History Search can be narrowed down by date or search by the Duty Managers and what changes they have made in the system.

Click on the Please Select Dropdown list under the Duty Manger section and select a user and click Go