3.23 Message Page

CNB > Message A / DM / M

Message tab has 3 options to choose from, which appears when hovered on “Message” tab: Send an SMS, MESSAGE Logs and Client MESSAGE.

All incoming and outgoing SMS’s (or automated emails if configured in crews’ pages) are logged here. This log can be opened either by clicking on the “Message” or hovering on “Message” then selecting “MESSAGE Logs” which are the same page.

The only difference is when clicked on “Message” it opens the log in the same window, and “MESSAGE Logs” opens the log in a new tab of your browser.

3.23.1 MESSAGE Logs Page

Message Logs Page is found on Message dropdown menu.

By default Message logs shows all messages, incoming or outgoing, starting from the beginning of the week to current time; latest received/sent message being on top of the page. An “Advanced MESSAGE Search” can be made using the fields provided above the messages.

TIP: All or some of these fields can be combined while making a message search.

No.: Enter a shift number and click “Go” to see the history of all messages sent or received regarding this specific shift.

Client Name: Select a client name to narrow down all messages to one client’s shifts, which are booked under this client only.

Crew Name: Select a crew name to see all incoming / outgoing message sent or received by this crew.

Date From, Date To: To narrow down the searches by date.

Mobile Number: Instead of crew name, a search can be made by crew mobile number. Please note that any number or digits can be entered here. For example a search that only has “89” in all mobile numbers can be made.

Business: Search by Business can be done by selecting a Business in the drop down list.


MESSAGE Log View: All messages are colour coded as to whether they are incoming or outgoing. Incoming messages are in light blue, outgoing are shown in brown.

No.: indicates the shift number that’s related to the message.

T: Tags are codes that shows the type of that message. Code descriptions are as follows:

B = Basic Send which was not associated with a Job

C = Confirmed SMS

M = Multi SMS

S = Single SMS

L = Linked SMS

Co = Connected SMS

I = Incoming SMS

A = After Hours Reminder

N = Next Day Reminder

OA = Onsite Contact After Hours Reminder

ON = Onsite Contact Next Day Reminder

Lo = Loser Multi Shift Message

Business:Shows which business crew is assigned under.

Date: Date and time message has been sent / received.

From, To: Indicates where the message is coming from or sent to which number.

Crew Name: Crew name that sent / received the message

Message: The actual message sent / received. Messages are shortened by PM for an easy display. If needed any message can be viewed fully by clicking [More] or shrunk by clicking [Hide]. You will notice (when clicked [More]) that any incoming message from crew are displayed with some of crew details such as date, time, ranking, email address… but the actual message sent by crew appears under the text “SMS Message – – – – -“.

Status: Status of the message can be either “Success” means the message has been successfully sent, “Queued” means it is pending or “Failed” means the server may have problems sending the message.

Sent Via: indication whether it’s an SMS or Email.

Purchase Credit: Click on Purchase Credit from the Message tap dropdown will bring up the Purchase SMS window. Select SMS Credits option from the dropdown from 1000 to 25,000 SMS ranges, once you click Purchase you will then receive the invoice shortly after the purchase.

3.23.3 Send an SMS

First option in the drop down list when mouse cursor is hovered on “Message” is “Send an SMS”. This option allows users to send quick SMS’s to crew. When clicked it opens a new tab in your browser. Type your message in the text box “SMS Message” and find crew name or names (can be sent to multiple crew at once) double click on them or click “>>” to move the names to the right side. Then click “Send”.

If the crew that the message needs to be sent is disabled then select “Search Disabled Crew” or leave it “Search Active Crew”.
Select the Business that crew is assigned to. A group of crew can be searched (and messaged) by their skills as well.

For example if you need to send a common message to all your drivers select “Driver” in the skill list, which will bring up the crew list with only “Driver” skill assigned, select all crew in the list move them to the right by clicking “>>”, then send your message.