3.13 Events

CNB > Events A / DM / M

Events Page is found on Shifts dropdown menu.
Working under Events tab is a different way of entering jobs, paying staff and charging customers, which works the same way but slightly different than creating job sheets in Ops Home Page and using Client Auto Booking Online Form.

Bookings or job sheets here are known as “Events” and all bookings are displayed by event on the main Events Page rather than by each shift (staff) on Shifts Page. Creating job sheets (events) on this page also gives you quick access to 2 additional components which are called “Equipment” and “Consumables”, which can be added or edited on the go. Using Events Page would be most efficient if each event are entered by your office staff (as opposed to Clients making bookings online every day) and your invoices include a combination of hourly rate for staff, consumable items and equipment hire.

Events main page consists of 3 tabs:




3.13.1 Events Tab

All events that are created previously are shown here starting with today’s events onward. As indicated below events are colour coded by which day of the week they are on.

Meanings of each column labels can be viewed when mouse cursor is hovered on them.
“Cat” for category (See Event Category below).

Cnf: Number of confirmed staff

Bkd: Number of staff booked so far.

Req: Number of staff still required

E: Amount of Equipment required

C: Amount of Consumables required

S: Status of event (See Status under the “Quote” tab).

T: Timesheet Sent is marked with a “T” if checkbox is ticked in Booking tab.

t: MESSAGE Sent is marked with a “t” if checkbox is ticked in Booking tab.

Notes: Anything that’s entered in the “Booking Notes” text box in either Booking or Quote tab appears here.
Using the search bar, events can be narrowed down by client, date or job number or a combination of multiple search filters can be used by entering the data and clicking the “Search” button. Click “Reset” button to reset the advanced search bar entries and bring the events view back to today.

Creating New Event: Click “New Event” (or press “Booking” tab) to open a small window and enter details. This will create a new booking / Event.

Business: Which business the event will be created in (See “Businesses” for more info).

Client: Choose a client name from the drop down list.

Date: Choose the first day that the job will commence, other dates can be added in the next step.
Start and Finish times: Enter start and finish times for this event, this can be changed or more shifts can be added in the next step.

TIP: Enter 15 then press TAB key to enter 15:00

Activity: Add an activity which can be changed or more activities can be added in the next step.
Press “Create”. Booking details will appear under the “Quote” tab.

TIP: clicking on “Booking” or “Quote” tabs will also initiate new event window.

3.13.2 Quote Tab

First line on top with a number, which automatically assigned by PM indicates the event number (also quote and invoice numbers), this number can be edited or a text can be added. Additional to the details that were entered in the previous step, more details can be added here.

Status: By default “Confirmed” is selected but if the client needs to approve the quote, then “Quote” can be selected from the drop down list. A third option is Pending Changes, the status of each event is shown in Events tab under the column labelled “S”. (C) for confirmed, (Q) for quote and (P) for Pending Changes. If “Pending Changes” is selected the event details turn red in bold letters in Events tab.

Venue, Room, Meeting Place: A venue can be selected in the list that appears after typing the first 3 characters of it, if this will be a new entry then enter the name of the venue and press TAB key on keyboard or click anywhere on the page. A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to create a new entry. (See “Venues” for more info about creating new venues).

Job Description: Job Description allows you to add a description to your job sheets which can be displayed on the Shifts Page in conjunction with your Job sheet number. For Example you could have the Job sheet Number as Acme XY123 and the Description as Product Launch. On the Shifts Page under the job sheet column you will see Acme XY123/Product Launch displayed as the Job Number.

 This Description can also be exported into MYOB. You can enter the Description directly into the Ops Home Page in the blank text box under Description then press TAB or inside a job sheet you can enter the Job Number and the Description.

CNB > Ops Home > Description A / DM / M

This feature will only be available if it is enabled in Global Settings under Manager Homepage Configuration if Show Inhouse Client Reference Numbers and Use Inhouse Client Reference Numbers are both ticked.

AUB > Global Settings > Manager Homepage Configuration > Show Inhouse Client Reference Numbers and Use Inhouse Client Reference Numbers A

Onsite Contact Name: (See “Onsite Contact Name and Number” under “Job Sheet Page” or “Onsite Contacts Page” for more info.)

Event Category: To help organising all events different categories can be entered here which will appear in Events tab.

Instructions: Instructions that will be sent via SMS (or email if configured in Crew Profile Page) to staff that’s booked on the first shift of this event. If the same instructions need to be sent to all staff booked on this event then tick the box “Apply to All This Booking’s Shifts”.

Booking Notes: Any notes related to this event can be entered here. These notes can be quickly reviewed under the last column on the right on the Events tab.

Staff Required: All staff requirements can be viewed and edited in this part of the page. More staff can be added by clicking “Add Staff”. If “Paid” and “Charge are unfilled default rates for each activity will apply.

Equipment: click “Add Equipment” then enter the quantity, which will multiply the amount that’s entered under “Charge”, if desired date and time can be added as well, but they do not affect the charge.

Consumables: Another component to add any costs to your invoice. Simply add description of the charge, date (optional), quantity and the charge, which will be multiplied by the quantity. Make sure to click “Save Information” after making any changes.

3.13.3 Booking Tab

Once an event has been added and modified in “Quotes” tab, now shifts can be sent out to crew in “Booking” tab. Category and Booking Notes can be edited in this page. Time sheet sent can be followed up here with a check box as well as MESSAGE Sent.

Right below all the shifts, where crew can be assigned to shifts either by manually entering their names under “Staff Name” or by sending SMS messages, there is a yellow dashboard. Being very similar to “Job Sheet” page, all options and buttons on “yellow dashboard” and “Select an Action” drop down list can be accessed in this page (See “Job Sheet Page / Select an Action or /Yellow Dashboard” for more info).