3.5 Crew Groups

CNB > Crew Groups A / DM / M

The Crew Groups feature is located as a link in the Central Navigation Bar (CNB). It allows you to create different types of groups for different types of clients.

For Example: A labour hire company may have staff for two different sets of Clients. One set of Clients maybe very corporate and another set of Clients may not be. It may be that certain types of Crew Members would be inappropriate for these Clients. On the Crew groups Page, you would be able to create two groups, Corporate and Non-Corporate and assign the correct Crew Members and Clients to these groups.

3.5.1 Creating a New Group

▪Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add New Group”.

▪Once the page is refreshed enter the “Crew Group Name”.

▪Select the clients and crew whom need to be associated in this group.

▪Then press “Save Changes”.

Now in Edit Page (or Job Sheet Page) of any of these clients’ shifts, crew names who are selected in this group will appear in blue, designating that they are preferred crew. Crew names which are not associated with this particular client will appear in black as this is the default colour. Also Crew who have made themselves unavailable will appear red. For more info see “Unavailability”.

TIP: If only the “associated” crew names were needed to appear on each client’s shift on Job Sheet / Edit Page then “Obey Crew Groups functionality” option in Global Settings can be used by selecting “Yes”. Option “No” will show all crew names but still highlight the ones (in blue) that are associated (assigned) with corresponding client.

3.5.2 Deleting or Undeleting a Group

Tick the box “Tick to delete this group”

Press “Save Changes”

To recall deleted records press “Show Deleted”. Crew groups then can be undeleted.

Buttons “Order by Name” and “Order by Rank” sorts all crew in all lists in this page by either their name alphabetically or by their ranks respectively.