Key: A / DM / M
The shifts page allows you to view, edit and process data regarding all staff shifts that are entered into the system, all information on this page has been collected when a job is booked.

Advanced Shift Search
As the shifts page displays all current shifts in the system, use the advanced search to find the shift and job sheet you are looking for.

To commence a search you can fill out one or more fields of the following information.

No Shift number to view a specific shift.
Job Sheet Job sheet number to view the entire Job Sheet on Shifts Page
Client  When the field is clicked a drop-down list containing all your clients will appear, click the client’s name you wish to view
Staff When the field is clicked a drop-down list containing all your staff will appear, click the staff’s name you wish to view
Activity When the field is clicked a drop-down list containing all your activities will appear, click the one activity. The activities that are listed can be altered through Admin Settings.
Date From –

Date To

Click the field to open a calendar, select the dates you wish to view shits commencing in
Time From –

Time To

Enter the time in 24 hours. For example 11:00 am/ 23:00pm
Day of Week Tick box one or more day
Options Use this field to select what form you would like to view your search in a new tab will open up.

Graph: this will open up the graph guide 4.6 and display only the searched shifts.

Calendar: this will open the shifts in the weekly guide 4.5 format

Import shift from XML: contact for help to set this up

Status Tick box to view unlocked or unconfirmed shifts
Reset Click reset to clear all search fields

TIP: Combine Job Sheet number with date or time to narrow down the search. Ideal for a massive job sheet.

On the top right corner of the page is an overview of the shifts and hours. See below:

The totals automatically change when a search is done.

Underneath the advanced search shift warnings will appear in a yellow square.

Warnings: If there is an issue when booking a shift a warning will appear at the top, see the following screenshot for example. Warnings can appear for a number of reasons such as double booking, SMS failure, crew ticket expire and if the crew has exceeded [x] amount of hours in a week (setup in Settings). Click the yellow box to expand the reason behind the warning, below is an example of how they will appear:

Note: CrewCard will not allow the crew members to mark themselves as unavailable for a shift that you have already booked them for


Action Keys:

S: This will open a new tab that will take you to the scheduler

Q: Quick edit, a pop-up window will open with limited editing options

Pencil: This will allow you to edit the whole shift in detail



Indicates the Status of outgoing SMS Messages, For more Info regarding to sending shifts to crew please See “MESSAGE Shifts” under “Shifts Page – Select an Action” and see “Message Logs Page” for more info regarding SMS Codes)

M: (Multi SMS) In the “Offer Shift Message” options Shift can be sent to crew/s and the last 3 digits of Shift Numbers becomes the Acceptance (or decline) Code for this shift.

L: (Linked Shifts SMS) In the “Offer Shift Message” options more multiple shifts of the same kind can be selected (linked) and sent to crew.

  • For example 5x general crew shifts starting and finishing at the same time at the same venue sent to “x” amount of crew. PM assigns the last 3 digits of the shift with the lowest shift number and shows L[xxx] on each shift.

SC: (Same Crew SMS) 2 or more shifts from different hours/dates/venues… have been sent together to crew aiming to confirm the same person on all of them. All shifts must be selected and “Offer Shift Same Crew” must be clicked.

  • For example a 4hr shift on Monday, 3hr shift on Wednesday and 5hr shift on Saturday can all be sent together in one SMS as a package offer. PM assigns the last 3 digits of the shift with the lowest shift number and shows SC[xxx] on each selected shift.

S: (Single Shift Sent), When Crew Member Name in Blue colour, it indicates the crew member has been selected manually, entered and saved for a shift, but has not confirmed. Once an “Offer Shift Message” send it changes to Green and an “S” appears in the “MESSAGE” column. The “S” will also appear in this column if “Time Change” SMS has been sent to the crew. (More Info See “Time Change” under “Shifts Page” and “Select an Action”)

T: Highlighted “T” indicates Time Out for an “Offer Shift Message” has been send and no incoming acceptance messages will be confirmed after this point. Time Out period can be determined in Global Settings.

Aditional Actions:

Map: Click to open the venues page, edit the Venue & Meeting Place for shift

Note: Notes for/from staff and operations

Files: Any documents that have been uploaded related to shift

  1. Select the type of file that you want to add from the dropdown menu.

You can select from the following options:

Expiry Date Warning

2. A new window will appear where you will need to enter the details of the file

3. Enter Comments and select the Expiry from the calendar interface.

Note: Comment can be additional information about the Induction.

4. Choose the related File for the Induction. Once you click Choose File, the file explorer will open where you can locate the file and then upload. Once uploaded the name of the file will appear in the field.

5. Click Save.

Follow the same procedure if you want to upload other types of files.

Action Footer:

Tick box one or more shifts → Click ‘Select an Action’ it will present the following dropbox.


Confirm Shift: By selecting shift/s and clicking this option you simply make a Crew member/s confirmed for a shift without sending them a Confirmation Message. Their name will appear Black on the Shifts Page with a C next to it (under the SMS field) indicates they have Confirmed.

Edit Shifts: Select the shift/s and then scroll down to the bottom of the Shifts Page, use the Select an Action drop-down box to select Edit Shifts to edit the selected shift/s details.

Update Rates: When editing details of each shift or swapping crew members along the way whether manually or automatically (confirmation via SMS) some shifts’ rates may not follow the changes properly even after being saved and the shift rate may need to update. This option is to ensure shift rates are updated based on rate/crew to correct payslips.

Copy Shifts: The selected shifts will be copied

Repeat Shifts: The shift will repeat the exact same

Unconfirmed Shifts: If the shift has been confirmed but you wish to change it back to unconfirmed

Highlight Shift: Highlight the shift, this reminds you to make changes to it

Remove Shift: Highlighting: This removes the highlight from the shift.

Deleted Shifts: The selected shifts will be deleted

Auto Scheduler/ scheduler: The Auto Scheduler will automatically send offers to qualified crew based on Rank, On Call, Proximity and Merge Shift. Scheduler, manually select the crew you wish to offer the shift to. Learn more about this in guide 4.7.


All of the following actions will open up a message page where you can edit the message and select if you would like to send the message by Email, App or SMS (SMS uses SMS credit). You can set default messages for each section through the general settings.

Offer Message: A message will be sent to the crew about the shift.

Offer Same: A message will be sent to multiple crews to offer the same shift

Offer Multi: Multiple shifts and one message will be sent to the same crew

Confirm Message: This will send a confirmation message to the crew who is booked for the shift

Confirm Multi: Confirm multiple shifts the same crew can do in one message

Time Change: Update the times on the job

Cancel/Delete: Delete/ cancel shift and a message will be sent to the crew member to notify them


Export Run sheets: Exports a detailed Run Sheet for selected shifts into PDF format. Useful to view staff’s start/finish times, venue and other details.

Export Excel: This feature enables you to export the selected shifts from the Shifts Page to an Excel spreadsheet. Once the scheduling has been done this is feature makes it easy for importing the roster into other packages. You can save an Excel sheet into CSV files or tab_delimiter files.

Export Excel Sign off: The system will create a sign off sheet and download it into an excel file

Export Summary: Export into Excel that displays a breakdown of the selected shifts which shows the following breakdown:

Date Business Activity Job Sheet Number Total hours Total Paid $ Total Bonus $ Total Charge $ Profit Margin

Site sheet PDF Download: The job sheet will download into a PDF

Site Sheet PDF Email: The software will create a PDF off the job sheet and send it to the allocated email

Export Staff Emails: The staff on shifts email will download all together into an excel

Export ABA File: A software to pay contractors contact


Lock Shifts When a shift is locked, no one is able to make changes to the details of the shift

Admin Lock Shifts: This is different from the normal lock as only the admin can unlock the job

Unlock Shifts: Unlock a shift so the shift can be edited

If you need further assistance, please email