The calendar displays all jobs for the week in one glance. You can set this page to be the home page however, if you wish not you can access the calendar page through the jobs tab. You can edit the display information and starting day of the week through General Settings, this is explained in guide 10.2.

On the top right you can click each button to view your jobs by month, week 3 days, or just by day.


Note: Hover mouse over the job to view more informaton

3 Days:


To make changes to a job or view more details you have to expand the job, there are two ways you can click expand all at the top of the calendar or just the arrow on each top to drop down the details.

Scheduler: If there are no confirmed staff for your shift, use the Scheduler guide 4.11 function to send job offers to the available crew.

Quick Edit: Show limited editing options for the shift.

Edit: It will take you to the job sheet pages which will enable you the ability to make changes to the shift for the job.


Click on options to expand more buttons:

Shifts: Tick box on or more crew and press shift button, this will open up the shifts page so you can edit their shift

Jobs: Tick box on or more crew and press jobs button this will open up the job sheet just for the selected crew.

Day sheet:

After a job has been completed the Day Sheet button will appear. This will direct you to the day sheet page. The Day Sheet allows you to edit times directly into the system and to report the performance of the crew (applicable for Team Leaders, Client and Duty Managers). This is how the Day Sheet will look like for Admin, Duty Managers, Team Leader and Supervisors. The Day Sheet for the crew will only have the Job Details and their crew time which they can update.

Job Details: Click the box to open up information about the job number, date, venue, meeting place and the activities of the job
Supervisor Details: If there is a supervisor assigned to the job, it will be displayed here. This is not available in the Day Sheet of the crew.
Signature: affix your signature and submit it.


Click the house button to quick edit the venue for the job.

A pop-out window will open. In this window, you can edit the details of the Venue by clicking the pencil icon. It will redirect you to the venue’s page where you can edit the details of the Venue. Additionally, you can set the Meeting Place by selecting from the dropdown menu. Expand the map of the Meeting Place by clicking the plus icon.

Crew Profile:

To open up the crew profile click the name of the crew, this will redirect you to the crew profile.

Crew Rating
Once the job is completed you can expand to see all the crews that were on the job, click on the star icon to provide feedback and a rating.