7.0 Telify Add-on to Call Out from PM Using VOIP on SNOM Phones

To make PM call out from the Shifts Page on your Snom 720 VOIP phone you should do the following and it only works in Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Get the Add On for Mozilla called TELIFY: In the top left of the screen in your browser, click FIREFOX and then click ADD ONS. Now search for TELIFY

Then configure the following settings: FIREFOX (Top Left of Screen) > TELIFY > PREFERENCES

Under Custom URL, there is actually a selection for SNOM PHONES TEMPLATE, you will see it in the drop down box under Custom URL

With the setting, Phone IP, it will be different for your phone.

On the right hand side of the phone, near the bottom, you will see Menu > Option 6 Information (TICK – Left of big silver circle)> Option 2 System Info (TICK – Left of big silver circle) – Here you will find your phone’s IP Address and this is what you enter into the Telify Preferences for your phone.

A window will pop up asking for your username and password when you 1st attempt to dial a number by clicking on it in the Shifts Page of PM (a little window will appear with a couple of options, just click the phone number again).

The Username will be – admin
The Password will be one of the following – telegate OR Telegate OR Password OR password

Now when you click a number in the Shifts Page of PM, it will call out from your Snom 720 automatically.