2.0 View and Edit Profile

To access you Crew profile, click the down arrow under your name and click Profile. You will be redirected to the page of your Recruitment Details divided into tabs. These are the tabs that you filled out during the Recruitment process.

Your Crew Profile is composed of Overview, Details, Agreements, Induction, Contracts and Accounts.


The Overview Tab will display your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Email and Phone Number.


The Details tab will have the Overview, Your Details, Emergency Contact, Address, Skills, Other Skills, Experience, and Medical Conditions.

In the Your Details section, you can edit the info entered on these fields. You can select Gender from the dropdown menu and select birthdate from the calendar interface. Shirt Size and Phone Number is also editable. If you also want to update your profile photo, click Upload Headshot and upload a new photo.

In the Emergency Contact section, you can update the Emergency Contact Name, Contact Number and Relationship.

In the Address section, you can update Street Address, Suburb and Postcode. For the State, you can select from the dropdown menu.

In the Skill section, tick the box of the skill that is applicable to you.

Update Other Skills and enter other skills in the provided field.

If you also want to update your Medical Conditions, you can do so by entering the details in the field provided. Once you are done updating all information on the Details tab, you can now click Save.


The Agreements tab is comprised of  Citizenship Status, Headshot, Policies and Information, and Agreements.

Citizenship Status

If you need to update your Citizenship status, select from the dropdown menu and upload the required file to support the selected citizenship status.


If you want to update your profile photo, click Upload Headshot and select the photo that you want to be used as your new headshot.

Policies and Information

If you want to view the policies and information again, click View and Accept.


If you are done updating the information under Agreements tab, you can now click Submit.


Recorded on this tab is the Induction that you have completed during recruitment. Click on the eye icon or the link to view your submitted induction.