2.0 Past Jobs

Viewing Past Jobs

Follow these steps to view your past jobs.

1.   Click Past Jobs in the navigation menu.

2.  You will be redirected to a page listing all your Past Jobs.

– No.
– Name of Staff
– Job Name/Number
– Date of the Job
– Time On
– Time Off
– BTT (Break Time)
– Client Name
– Activity

– Task
– Venue
– Room
– Mobile
– On Site Contact Name
– Meeting Place
– Instructions
– Accept Shift
– Documents
– Read Docs?
– Other Crew

Reading Documents Related to a Shift

If a job or shift has a corresponding documents, you will have to read this. This document is usually related to the job.

1.   Click the link of the document under Documents column.

2.   You will be redirected to a new page where you can view the document.

3.   Once you are finished reading the document, toggle the icon under Read Docs? column to change the status to Read.

Viewing Other Crews on a Job

To know other crews assigned to the sane job as yours:

1.   Click the icons in the last column of the Past Jobs.

2.   A list will be displayed showing other crews assigned to the same job as yours.