7.0 Unavailability

Setting Up Unavailability Date

If you are not available to take shifts for a particular date, you can set it up in the Unavailability page.

1.   Click Unavailability in the navigation menu.

2.   Click Add Unavailability.

3.   Enter the details of your unavailability in the next window.

– Date From / Time From
– Date To / Time To
– Tick the box of Make this entry a weekly Unavailability for the next 6 months if you want a recurring unavailability for the dates you specified.
– Unavailability Reason

3.   Click Submit Unavailability once you are finished entering the details.

4.   After you clicked Submit Unavailability, you will be redirected back to the Unavailability page where a prompt message Record Successfully Added will be displayed.

5.   The status of your Unavailability request is still pending. Note that you have to wait for the approval of the Admin for your unavailability request.

Editing/Deleting Unavailability Date

If you want to edit the details of your Unavailability date, just click Edit. You will be redirected to the Edit page of Unavailability.

Click the Delete icon if you want to delete your unavailability.