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| 20th August 2020

Good rostering software saves money for your organisation by assisting operations managers and allocators to fill shifts with suitable and qualified workers easily. Gone are the days of hundreds of post it notes with each staff member’s availability as they can enter their preferred work times directly into their Staff Portal or Staff App. Staff can accept and decline shifts by SMS, email or in app messaging.

The Personnel Manager intelligent rostering system completely automates the process of the scheduling your employees. Personnel Manager not only maintains your schedule, but ensures compliance of government regulations by automatically selecting the best candidate for every job by taking into account skills and experience, availability, location, qualifications, working rights and visa conditions and increasing productivity dramatically. Personnel Manager provides the option of automatically limiting the hours worked by each employee per pay period to spread the work evenly to your staff members, so that each worker’s shift allocation is fair and balanced, dramatically reducing your labour costs in the process by keeping overtime hours to a minimum.

One of the main benefits of the Personnel Manager rostering software is that it enables organizations to efficiently coordinate their casual hourly workforce, which means their admin staff can re-allocate their resources to other non-scheduling activities.

Let us talk about some of the main advantages of the Personnel Manager workforce management software.

Benefits of Rostering & Workforce Management Software Australia

Today every successful business has a rostering system in place that not only enables them to keep track of their work schedule, but also streamlines every aspect of their organisation including human resources, recruitment, scheduling, onboarding, payroll, WHS (work, health and safety), company policies, procedures and customised processes.

Reduction of Human Error:

One of the premium aspects of workforce management software is that it reduces human error that is bound to occur every now and then. You can maintain an orderly approach with proper implementation of rostering software.

Reduce Expenses:

Another advantage of rostering software is that it significantly reduces your business expenses. The automated employee system ensures error-free time and attendance pay calculation. You can conduct the most complex payroll and award calculations with precision with the rostering system’s payroll features. Once payroll is set up, all you need to do is ensure the staff have clocked on and off correctly, with geomap verification.  These improvements help you significantly reduce labor costs.

Increasing Agility and Productivity:

Personnel Manager workforce management software enhances the productivity of your entire operation, when you assign the right task to the right person with the right skills, every time. Efficient management eliminates conflicts and double-booked schedules.
So, the overall system’s performance would surely increase, and everything goes how you want it to be. You can make a plan and then see it succeed.

Rostering Software for Multiple Shifts

The Personnel Manager rostering system specialises in cases where multiple temporary employees work multiple shifts, in various locations and times. Nursing agencies and hospital workers are a prime example where everything must be considered including an app for your customers that shows the staff location on map and allows your customer to communicate with the staff and provide feedback on their performance.

Or the retailer would also be another good example. If you are likely to work under these departments, you would have about three shifts throughout the day.

This increases the complexity and makes the whole system slower if someone has called off for a day, as everything depends on it.

The possible solution that strikes is to find an available employee, and he too works on overtime. That also has to cover his overtime pay to cover that shift.

And this eventually leads you to exceed your budget. But now, you do not have to worry about scheduling anymore because of the Staff Rostering software.

You can totally tackle the situation by implementing staff Rostering software for multiple shifts, and the system will offer you real-time access to all schedules. And you will be able to cover any shift.

Auto Rostering

Rostering software does not just set the schedule, but it does a lot more for you, it has everything that you need to rely on.

Another technical thing that comes right next to availability is who is more experienced. You may have a staff of about ten people, and 4 out of those ten might be more experienced and senior.

And Rostering software takes care of this thing for you as well. After preparing the schedule, you can also set the priority of employees as to who takes the shift.

Moreover, you can set the schedule based on pay rates and skills too. And that helps you a lot in contacting them, creating a schedule and work under various circumstances.

This also goes vice versa, as not always, you might want to cover the shift with your experienced employees, so you can simply schedule the employees who are new to some specific shift.

The Rostering software lets you create a profile in which you enter their information, pay rates, skills, experience, etc. And then, based on that data Rostering system creates the best scheduling for you.

You could do that manually, but it will surely take hours, and the Auto Rostering system is time-efficient and lets you create data within minutes. You can always make changes in the schedules that are generated automatically for you.

Availability Request of Your Workforce

As you know that not every employee has the flexible hours, the employee who is working on Monday might not be available on Tuesday, and that is why you must fill his place with someone else, and if you would want to call him on Tuesday, then it would collapse the system as he would not be available.

And that is where the Workforce management system comes into play. You can easily set the availability of the employees if some employee is not available during certain hours. You would know it through your Rostering software. So managing the employees is now as easy as drinking water in summer.

This way, not only you create an efficient system. But also your employees stay happy and relaxed, as they know you value their availability and time.

And happy employees mean you have a good system. So, why do you have to hustle or worry about someone not being available when you can manage it right from your workforce management software?

Another best feature of the software is that you stay updated. You can always allow your employees to edit their availability data so that the application can process it and make a suitable schedule for everyone.

And this also reduces unnecessary communication, which leads to better performance and enhanced productivity.

Key Benefits and Features of Rostering Software:

Advance Rostering based on budget

Reduce expenses

Increase efficiency

Automatic Rostering

Employees can enter their availability.

Rostering for multiple shifts

Reduction of human error

Flexible system

Easy Management of all shifts

These were some of the main benefits and key features of Rostering software that we discussed, there are a lot more aspects, and it keeps enhancing your system as much as you require it.

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