PM Update 1710

| 17th November 2017

Personnel Manager V.1710 includes a Help Icon in the navigation bar.

Click on the Help question mark to access the User Guide.

Four features of interest in Personnel Manager V.1710 are Duty Manager Groups, extra reports in the Search Crew Page, Expiry Reminder Emails and Team Leader Activity:


1. Duty Manager Groups


Settings 3/5 – Assign Duty Managers enables the PM Admin User to select Crew Members as Duty Managers.

Duty Managers Login by selecting Duty Manager as their User Type and entering their Crew Username and Password (Username is mobile number) found in their Crew Profile Page [Crew Icon>Crew>Edit/View Crew].

The Shift History Page [Shifts Icon>Shift History] is a system log that records actions and changes made by Duty Managers which includes the name of the Duty Manager who made changes to Shifts.

Settings 4/6 – Duty Manager Access provides check boxes to select which pages and features are accessible to Duty Manager Group 1. Most PM clients select all of the Checkboxes in Setting 4 and some of the check boxes in Setting 6 for Duty Manager Group 2. In this way, Group 1 Duty managers have Administrator Access and Group 2 Duty managers have lower access, enough top fulfil their roles in rostering staff without accessing sensitive information in regards to company finances and without access to Settings.


2. Search Crew Report (new options on Search Crew Page)


The Search Crew Page [Crew Icon>Search Crew] has been expanded to include Additional Information Fields and Crew Status to the Activities search. It is now possible to refine the search of staff by 4 Activities, 1 Additional Information and 1 Crew Status.

Additional Info Fields are customisable in Settings. They can be named anything, can be a text box, text area, check box or drop down and can be a required field, generate a warning on the Shifts Page and can be included for export in Export to Excel on Shifts Page and Export all Records on Timesheets Page.

Setting 153.

Search Crew Page – Additional Info 

The Search Crew displays the returned crew count, crew name, mobile, email, text (additional information) and expiry date (additional info).

Example 1: You may require the email addresses of all Crew Members in Excel. Click the Search Crew button without selecting any options on the Search Crew page and then press the Export Crew button.

Example 2: Admin User has created the Crew Additional Information Field Working Visa in Settings Page>Setting 153. All Crew who have Working Visas selected in their Crew Profiles with Visa number and expiry date will display when Search Crew page is opened and Additional Info – Working Visa – is selected. The search will return all Crew Members with working visas, along with the visa number and the expiry date of the visa. Export to Excel by clicking the Export Crew button.

It is possible to search a combination of Activities, Additional Info and Crew Status. Crew Status can be set up in Settings>Setting 154 and is customisable. Crew Status will appear in Crew Profiles for selection.

Example: User could select two Activities: 1. Labourers and 2. Forklift Drivers with Additional Info: Airport Induction and Crew Status: Gender: Male. The search will return all Labourers who are also Forklift drivers with the Airport Induction (including induction number and expiry date) who are male.


3. Expiry Reminder Emails


Crew Member Profile Pages [Crew Icon>Select Crew>View/Edit] contain Additional Information fields which can be created in Settings [Settings>Setting 152].

Settings 259 and 262 allow for two separate Expiry Reminder Emails to be sent automatically to alert upcoming expiry dates for Crew Additional Information fields in Crew Profiles. The date and time of the emails can be customised.

In the example above, the first email reminder will be sent 7 days before the expiry date of the Additional Information at 16:30pm. A second email reminder will be automatically sent 1 day before the expiry date at 21:00pm.

Setting 252 contains the sender email address [from] and Setting 13 contains the receiver email address [to].


4. Team Leader Activity

Online Timesheets can be completed by Team Leaders.

Crew assigned to a Team Leader activity can lock off the times of other staff within their Crew Login.

[Finance Icon>Activities>Edit Activity>Team Leader – Allow this Activity to Edit/Lock Times in Crew Support Page for Other Crew On This Job].

In the Activities Page, edit the suitable Activity for Team Leader, such as Crew Chief or Supervisor or Manager. It is highly recommended PM Admin User only selects 1 Team Leader Activity.

When the Crew Member is assigned to an activity with Team Leader selected, the times for other Crew Members on the same Shift will be editable within the Other Crew On This Job button in the Crew Support Page.

Team Leaders may press the padlock Icon when times are correct top lock off the shifts.

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