3.30 Getting Started with Calendar

The Calendar is a useful tool in the Personnel Manager. All jobs are plotted in a calendar-interface where you can view important details of a job in one glance.

3.30.1 Accessing the Calendar

To access the calendar, hover your mouse over Jobs and select Calendar.

The Calendar will open giving you an overview of the booked jobs viewable in different views.

3.30.2  Calendar Views

The PM Calendar has three different views namely:

  • Job View
  • Staff View
  • Client View

These views can further configured into:

  • Month
  • Week
  • 3 Days
  • Day


In Job View, the calendar is arranged according to the booked jobs.

Job View>Week

In this example, the view is in Job View using Week.

In the Job View>Week, you can expand the job cards to show the details. Click the down arrow to show the details:

The job card will expand to show the details:

Job View>Month

This is the Job View using Month.

Job View>3 Days

This is the Job View using 3 Days. This is basically seeing the calendar in 3 days (2 days in the past plus the current day). If the date today is August 28, the 3 Days view will give user the jobs from August 26 to August 28.

Job View>Day

This is the Job View using Day.

3.30.3  Job View Functions


By default, all job cards in the Job View>Week are collapsed.

Click Expand All to view the details of the job cards.

After clicking the Expand All, the job cards will expand to display additional details.


You can also edit the details of the job while in the Calendar. In the Job View (except in Month), expand the job details and click the link for Edit Selected.

You will be redirected to the Shifts Page where you can directly edit the shift.


Click the name of the crew on the job card and you will be redirected to the Crew Profile page.


Click pin icon to display the Venue pop-up:

From this pop-up menu, you can edit the Venue and Meeting Location.


You can display the details of a job while you are in Job View>Month by hovering your mouse over the job card.