3.0 Job Offers and App Check-In

Accepting Job Offers

Job Offers are sent to you by PM Clients. In this section, you will learn how to accept job offers using the CrewGo Staff app.

Tap Job Offers in the menu.

1.   Tap on any job offer on the page.

NOTE: Job Offers are highlighted in orange.  The lighter shade of orange means you have opened and viewed that offer already.
2.   You will be redirected to the Job Details page. Tap on Induction, Optional Details and Qualifications to know more about the requirements of this job before accepting the offer.

3.   Tap Accept Job if you want to accept the offer.

4.   Depending on the job, the app will ask if you can complete all the requirements. Tap Yes.

Ignore Job: If you tap this option, the app will ask you if you are really sure if you want to ignore the job offer.

Make Unavailable: Tap this option to make yourself unavailable on the date of the job.

Checking-in At Your Job

If you have an on-going job for the day, a Check In button will appear in your job list.

To check-in at your on-going-job:

1.   Tap Check In.
2.   Enter the time of your check-in.
3.   Tap Done.

4.   After you checked-in to the job, the app will display the Job Location, Next Break In and Duration.

5.   To check if your check-in time has been recorded, tap Job Details on the tap of the screen.

On-Going Job Page

After you checked-in to a job, the button in the Job List will now become an On-Going Job.

When you tap on the Ongoing Job button, you will be redirected to this page in the CrewGo Staff app.


If you want to see the details of the on-going job, click Job Details. The details of the job will be displayed in a new window.


You can also use the direction icon in the On-Going Job page, to guide you on your way to work.

Taking a Break

If you want to take a break, tap Take a Break in the On-Going Job page. If the break is not part of the schedule, the app will ask you if you want to take the unscheduled break. Click Yes to confirm and No to cancel the break.

If you click Yes, select the time of the start of your break time and click Done.

To end your break time, tap End the Break, select the end time of your break time and click Done.

Completing a Job

1.   Once the planned end time for a job has been reached, you will see a message flashed on top of the On Going Job page.
2.   Tap Complete Job.
3.   Choose the time when you have completed the job.
4.   Tap Done.

Editing Your Timesheet

You can edit your timesheet if you have completed the job or you have already checked-in.

1.   Tap the menu icon and tap Timesheet.
2.   Tap on the job that you want to edit the timesheet.

3.   Tap You will be redirected to Edit Timesheet page.
4.   You are allowed to edit Actual Start Time, Actual End Time, and Break time.
5.   Tap Update Timesheet once finished.

NOTE: All timesheets are reviewed thoroughly by the Supervisor or Admin Officer before getting approved.