10.7 Resources Settings
These Resources can be a policy, procedure or any other important information that the crew can access using the Crew Access or by the app. There’s no need for additional software to view the online content. Resources can be easily used in other section of the PM system like Recruitment, Actions and Forms. When a Resource is edited, it will be displayed automatically update across the software.

10.7.1 Adding a Resources 
Click the Add Resource button, this will open a new window where you can add the contents for the resource. You can edit the text, and insert links, photos, tables and videos.

Once you are done adding content for the resource, click the Save button. The newly created resource will then be added on the Resource List. You can edit with the pencil icon or delete with the bin icon.

10.7.2 Mapping a Resource to an Activity
A resource can be mapped to an, after adding to the resource list you can edit it to allocate it to an activity. In the below screenshot, the resource that we created Test Resource for Crew is now mapped to Activity Cashier.

10.7.3 Crew Portal Resources
The crew need to have the resource activity under their profile. Click the Add Heading button in the Crew Portal Resources and enter a name for the header. After entering the name of the header, click Save Heading. The header will now appear in the list of headers.

Click the button of +Resource, a new field will appear where you can select a Resource from the dropdown menu which will be added to the header. Click Save Resources after selecting the resource from the dropdown menu. Based on the above settings that we configured, this is how will the Resource look like in the Crew Access of a crew member:

10.7.4 Resources in Recruitment
Resources can be added into the Recruitment process. When you want your recruits to read and understand your company policies and procedures, you can easily do so by configuring the Recruitment Settings and choosing the Resources. In the Recruitment Settings, select the resource that you want to add from the dropdown menu then click Save Resources. Go to 10.4 Recruitment Setting to view the complete procedure of Recruitment.

10.7.5 Resource in Forms
Resources can be added in the Safety Induction in Forms Settings, you can put a check on the box of Policies and Procedures.