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12.3.1 Adding a New Activity
To add a new activity, click “Add New Activity”:

Name: Enter a name
Code: These codes can then appear in the SMS messages for staff, both request and confirmation messages, this can be custom in settings. The Activity Codes will also appear in the Crew Support pages along with an explanation of the Activity.
Example: G is shortened for General Labour
Graph Colour: Select colour this will appear on the “View Shifts as Graph” (this is on the Shift page)
Show Skill in Clients Booking Area: If ticked the Activity will display in the Client Access (Login) as an Activity that they can select when making a booking.
Tick to indicate that this is a licensed (ticketed activity): If a person is booked on a shift for a ‘Ticketed Activity’, a warning will display on the Shifts Page if the Ticket Number and/or Ticket Expiry Date have not been entered or expired. It is not possible to accidentally book a person for a job that he/she is not qualified for.
Tick to indicate that this is a dual text activity: Crew and onsite contact will receive a message the day before booking.
Tick to Delete: Will delete the activity and store it in ‘Show Deleted’
Job Description: Describe the job for the staff to view
Sub Activities: When an activity has more than one task to do
Grouping activity: Use the arrows to select

Categories: Categories the Activity falls under.
Staff: If known staff members can be selected to have this activity on their profile.
TIP: This action can also be done individually in Crew Profile Page.
Qualification: Select related qualification
Auto Scheduler Settings: Enables shift default when shift offering
Minimum Call (Hours):
A default minimum call hours can be entered here for the activity

12.3.2 Activities Main Page
All activities & Sub-activities displayed on one page.
Edit Activity: To edit activity
Edit Rates: Edit rates related to this activity. Please note that activities must be assigned to a category first.
Duplicate: To duplicate activity

12.3.3 Creating a new Activity with Duplicate Rates and Activities

For Creating a New Activity with Duplicate rates from another activity. In Homepage, click the admin drop down menu and select Activities.

In the Activities page, Select an activity that you want to copy the rates.

Click Duplicate Button.

A pop up will appear that allows you to enter the new Activity name. Enter the Activity name in the given field. Note that by default the Activity Name will be the activity that you have copied.

Once the Activity Name has been entered, click the Ok button.

The new Activity has been created and rates have been duplicated. Note that the Activity will also be copied too. Click the Duplicate button to see whether the rate has been copied.

Whenever an Activity or Category is edited or remapped, updating rates in the Job Sheet,  Shift Edit Page or Events Bookings Page is recommended.