Required PM Fields for PM to Astute Crew Export

Employee ID The Unique Identifier located in the Crew List Page  Tip: can use mobile number
Gender Settings > General Settings > 45. Gender Text
First Name Crew Profile> Personal Details > First Name of the Crew
Last Name Crew Profile> Personal Details > Last Name of the Crew
Date of Birth Crew Profile> Personal Details > Date of Birth of the Crew
Mobile Mobile Phone Number
Email Email address (also Username for CrewCard App)
Phone Can be Mobile Phone Number or landline
Address Street Name
Suburb Crew Profile > Address > Suburb
State Crew Profile > Address > State
Post Code Crew Profile > Address > Post Code
Account Name Bank Account Name of the Employee (not name of the financial institution)
Super Company Name Name of the Super Company financial institution EG Australian Super
Super ABN Super Fund ABN
Super Product Name Is the name of the Product under the specific super fund. It is identified by the USI
Super Membership Number Employee Super Membership Number
Super Account Name Employee Super Account Name
TFN Employee Tax File Number

Add New Crew

In the Crew List Page, Simply Click + Add Crew for Creating Crew in PM.

The following window will open:

Enter the crew details and use the arrow buttons to select their activities, these activities that are available in the list are from the activities uploaded through the settings.

After entering the information you have the option to save and exit or open the crew profile to finish uploading their information.

In the Crew List section, there is an overview of crew personal details. Employee ID column,  To update the Employee ID click on the Employee ID field and provide an unique identifier to the employee.

Click Save Details.

Edit Crew Profile

Click on Contacts in Central Navigation Bar and Select Crew List.

When Crew List is clicked from the menu, it will display all active crew members. To enter a Crew Member’s Profile click the Edit icon to the right of the page.

To add the Employee End date (Crew who got Terminated or Resign) and reason, Enter the End Date and Reason in the Overview Section.

  • Start Date – The date when the crew member is first confirmed to a shift.
  • Added: Super Admin -Employment Start Date when the crew is first activated or added to the system.
  • Employment End Date – The date of the employee’s last shift.


Please note: In the event Crew Members have been added to the system and have not yet been confirmed on their first shift, the value Added will be substituted for Start Date so the export to Astute will succeed. None of these fields need to be added by the Admin User, they are handled automatically by the system.

Select Personal Details  in the side menu of Crew Profile page and update information accordingly.

  • First Name, Last Name and  Date of Birth
  • E-mail address / Username for CrewCard app.
  • Mobile Number and Phone
  • Provide ABN if required


To add or modify gender options, go to the Settings. Click on General Settings and select Crew.  Refer to “45. Gender Text “ to add or modify the type of gender as preference. Click Save Details.

Select Super Details  in the side menu and Enter first few letters of the Super Company Name. Suggestions will available for the selection.

When user selects the Super Company Name, the following are automatically populated:

  • Super ABN
  • Super Product Name


Click Save Details.

Select TFND in the side menu and Provide the details of the Employee Tax File Number ( A digit of 9 numbers ). Click Save Details.

Export Crew to Astute

Once Personal details has been updated, Crew is ready to be exported to Astute. Click on Export to Astute inside the Crew Profile.

An automatic message will confirm “Inserted User ID”.

The crew member has been added to the Astute portal. Select User Tab and Employees Tab.