Time Off In Lieu can be managed within the CrewCard Platform.

In the Crew Profile, select Time Off In Lieu from the side menu to navigate to the Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) section. Note that Full Time and Part time staff can fully utilise this function.

Here you can set the TOIL hours balance and TOIL period.  You may Contact CrewCard support to let us know the pay period options and which day of the week the pay period should commence.

TOIL Period refers to the amount of hours that staff are able to work before the time off in lieu is recorded.  It can be 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks. For example, a staff member might have an agreed weekly working hours of 38 hours per week. Any work performed over and above 38 hours (minus breaks) will be added into the TOIL calculation. If the staff member had a balance of 0 hours and worked 45 hours in week 1 and then 48 hours in week 2, they will have an updated TOIL balance of 17 hours at the end of week 2. This means they can take 17 hours off work and still receive pay for these hours.

Please note that the CrewCard TOIL calculations work both ways. If we use the example above and the staff member in week 3 only worked 10 hours, 28 hours would be deducted from the balance of 17 hours and the TOIL balance would be reduced back to 0.

Click on TOIL history to see a breakdown of the TOIL balance for the staff member and the events that changed the balance, such as manual updates of the TOIL balance and system generated updates calculated each pay period according to the programmed logic.

There is a Time Off In Lieu page in the Admin menu that enables you to see the TOIL history for multiple staff and to search the TOIL history of staff.

In this page, you can filter the crew member, crew group and the TOIL period based on the date. TOIL balance is updated weekly depending on the confirmed shift by the admin to the crew. You can Update the TOIL figures for shifts which are already existing in the system or allow users to manually update the TOIL Balance of all staff using the Refresh Button.

From this page, you can click the Forecast button to view the predictions of the TOIL balance in upcoming TOIL periods by looking at the Forecast Working Hours and Forecast Balance. In this page, you also can use the same filter as in the previous page.

You also can check the TOIL details of each crew in the Timesheet. In the timesheet page the TOIL balance is available including the following details: Toil Period, Previous Start, Previous End, Previous Balance, Current Start, Current End and Current Balance

In the event when the hrs./TOIL period was modified in the Crew Profile.

For example:  week 1, the set Hours/TOIL Period is 20 and in week 2, the Hours/TOIL Period was changed to 30. The first week will work based on 20 limits while the second week will work based on 30 limits however if you edit the shift for the first week then the calculation will update with new Hours/TOIL Period which is the 30 limits.