2.0 Quick Start

To access Personnel Manager (PM), you need an active account. The login details are provided to you by the technical support team of PM.

Alternatively, if you would like to visit the demo version of PM, please follow below link:


Log in as an Administrator

*User Type: Administrator

*User Name: test

*Password: test

2.1 Custom Logo, Background Image

Client can customise their logo and background image in the Global Settings. The Global Settings is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

To change the Logo:

Click Settings, then navigate to Logo.

Click Choose File and upload your image file from your computer.

Tip: For best results – please use image format JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF/EPS to upload.

To change the Background Image:

Click Settings, then navigate to Background Image

Click Choose File and upload your image file from your computer.

Tip: For best results – image dimension should be 4000×1400. Upload image formats JPEG/GIF/PNG/TIFF/EPS.

2.2 OPS Home Page

Click Path: CNB > Home

Key: A / DM / M

Personnel Manager opens Home Page upon login. This page displays Job Sheets, Quotes and Invoices for a certain business for a pay week. The default pay week is Mon – Sun.


1. If View All Companies Details On (VACD) is selected (top left-hand corner of the screen), the Home Page will display the Job Sheets for all businesses which are divided into Pay weeks.

2. If View All Companies Details Off (VACD) is selected (top left-hand corner of the screen), the Ops Home Page will display the Job Sheets only for the selected business which are divided into Pay weeks.

TIP – The pay period can be changed in Global Settings. AUB > Global Settings  Pay Period Configuration A

TIP – Quotes and Invoices can be switched on or off in Global Settings. AUB Global Settings > Ops Home Configuration  Enable Quotes/Enable Invoices A

Once a Job Sheet has been added (see “Add a new Job Sheet” for more info), the Quote and the Invoice are automatically created if Invoices and Quotes are enabled in Global Settings. The database can assign a Job Number to each Job Sheet automatically or a unique Job Number can be entered. The corresponding Quote and Invoice share this same Job Number.

TIP – To activate unique Job Numbers, enable Inhouse Client Reference Numbers in Global Settings.

AUB > Global Settings > Show Inhouse Client Reference Numbers/Use Inhouse Client Reference Numbers A

2.3 Add a New Client Record

CNB > Ops Home A / DM

IMPORTANT! To add a new client you must first access Superuser mode by clicking “View All Company Details” in the top right corner of the screen and make sure it says “ON”. Only the Superuser has authority to add a new client.

Click the Client tab under the Personnel Manager logo.

Click Add a New Client Record.

Add your client’s details into the fields provided.

Click Add/Edit Client to save.

TIP – You can enter your own Project Managers as your clients if you intend to use the Personnel Manager as an internal roster system.

2.4 Add Activities On Job Sheet

In Job Sheet Page, you can select an Activity for an individual shift that your staff will perform such as ‘AV Operator’ ‘Cleaner’.

In this page you can only select activities from the drop-down list. To add new activity, please see 3.121 Adding a New Activity.

Click Activity dropdown list or type the name of the activity in the field Activity Name, select and assign staff to the Activity and Save.

2.5 Add Crew Members

CNB > Crew > Add a New Crew A / DM / M

Click the Crew tab under the Personnel Manager logo.

Click Add a New Crew Member.

Add your crew member’s details into the fields provided.

Click Add/Edit Crew Member to save.

2.6 Create a Job Sheet from Ops Home Page

CNB > Ops Home > Add a Job Sheet A / DM / M

Click the Ops Home tab under the Personnel Manager logo (this is the Personnel Manager default page).

Select a Client from the drop down tab, input the date in the box provided (dd/mm/yy) or click on the little calendar icon and select a date for your shifts.

Click Add a Job Sheet to open the new Job Sheet you have created.

Type in the details of first shift/s you want to enter.

Enter the quantity of shifts, Date (dd/mm/yy), Time On (Shift Start Time), Time Off (Shift End Time), Crew Name (select staff member from a drop down box), Activity, Venue, Meeting Place/Address, Onsite Contact Name, Onsite Contact No, Client Job No (PO Number), Notes (to be sent to crew when they are confirmed), Click Save.

2.8 Create a Job Sheet from Events Page

CNB > Events > New Event A / DM / M

Click Events tab on the CNB

Click New Event

Enter details,

Click Create.

2.8 Different ways of adding shifts

Here are a few ways of adding shifts explained. For more details please look up the corresponding topic name.

Create a Job Sheet: As explained under Create a Job Sheet, Job Sheets can be created manually by clicking the Add a Job Sheet button in Ops Home Page.

CNB > Ops Home > Add a Job Sheet A / DM / M

Copy Shifts: Any shifts in Job Sheets can be copied by using Copy Shift command which can be found in Select an Action drop down list at the bottom of the Shifts Page or Job Sheet/Edit Page.

CNB > Shifts > Select an Action > Copy Shift A / DM / M or CNB > Job sheet/Shift Edit Page >Select an Action > Copy Shift A / DM / M

Repeat Shifts: Repeat Shift option can be used with any repeating jobs occurring on consecutive days, weeks or months, which PM copies and recreates the current shifts into new Job Sheet (with a new Job Sheet number) repeating however as many times as entered in the dialogue box that appears when clicked on Repeat Shifts.

CNB > Shifts > Select an Action > Repeat Shifts A / DM / M

Using Templates: On any Job Sheet Page there is option to save template of the Job Sheet. The template can be reopen to recreate a previously existing Job Sheet with new dates, this function is to save time and effort of entering all the information into a new Job Sheet each time.

CNB > Ops Home > [Job Sheet Number] A / DM / M or CNB > Shifts Page > [Shift Number] A / DM / M

Client Login Page: For allowed clients, they can use their own login page in Client Profile Page and make bookings that will create new Job Sheets. Clients can be assigned in Global Setting to edit their bookings; this option allows selected clients to see full crew list and Copy/Repeat Shifts send SMS’s to crew.

Using Events tab: Click Events, search for the booking you wish to add shifts in, select the Booking by clicking the circle next to it, click Quote tab, and click Add Crew.

2.9 Confirm staff via text message SMS Jobs

CNB > Ops Home > [Job Sheet Number] A / DM / M
CNB > Shifts > [Shift Number under “No.”] A / DM / M

Once you have created a Job Sheet, you can select the staff members from the drop down list under the title Crew Name.

This can be done in either the Job Sheet or the Shifts Page (all editing can also be done in the Shifts Page by clicking Edit icon at the right hand side of each Shift line. (The Job Sheet is only for data entry).

To SMS the details of a Shift to staff member, scroll to the bottom of the page and select MESSAGE Confirm Shifts in Select an Action drop down list.

In the Shifts Page you can select shift/shifts either by clicking the tick box on the left, or by clicking anywhere on the shift line. You can enter Shift Edit Mode by clicking the Pencil Icon (Edit Record) on the right, in the Shift Edit Mode you can press Confirm or select Message Confirm Shifts in Select an Action drop down list which will notify the staff members the shift details via text.