3.20 Supervisors (Onsite Contacts)

CNB >Contacts>Clients>Supervisors A / DM / M

The Supervisor (Onsite Contact) is the person that staff will report to from the client company. When a Supervisor (Onsite Contact) is entered, the name and mobile number are stored in the system for future reference in the Supervisor Page and in the individual Client entries.

They are also listed in the Client Access.

If Dual Text Activity is selected in the Activities/Rates page when adding or editing an Activity, then both the Crew Member AND the Onsite Contact will receive reminder SMS messages (if they have been activated). Deleted on-site contacts cannot be restored.

3.20.1 Add Supervisors

Follow these steps to add a new Supervisor.

1. Hover your mouse over Contacts to display the menu. Click the Supervisor under Client.


2. You will be redirected to the list of Supervisors. Click the Add Supervisor button.


3. Enter the details of the new Supervisor in the Add Supervisor window.


Client: Select the client from the dropdown menu list.
First Name: Enter the first name of the Supervisor in this field
Last Name: Enter the last name of the Supervisor in this field
Contact Phone: Enter the contact number of the Supervisor in this field
Extension No.: If the Supervisor has an extension number, enter in this field.
E-mail: Provide the email address of the Supervisor in this field.
Password: Nominate a password for the access of the new Supervisor in this field.
Supervisor App Access: Tick the box if you want the new Supervisor to have access in the Supervisor App.


4. Click Save after you have entered all the information for the new Supervisor.


5. A confirmation message will appear after you have added the new Supervisor.

The new Supervisor will be added on the list.

3.20.2 Edit Supervisors

If there are information that need to be edited for the Supervisor, you can easily do so by clicking the pencil icon next to the name of the Supervisor that you want to edit.


The Edit Supervisor window will open where you can update the information of the Supervisor. Click Save once you are done.


3.20.3 Delete Supervisors

If you want to delete a Supervisor, simply click the x icon next to name of the Supervisor that you want to delete.


A warning message will appear confirming if you really want to delete the Supervisor. If you are sure, click OK.


The name of the deleted Supervisor will have a strikethrough.