3.19 Unavailability

CNB > Unavailability A / DM / M

The Unavailability Page in Admin/Duty Manager/Manager Login allows you to enter Unavailability for Crew Members for certain time slots so that they appear with a hash symbol # next to their name in the Crew List for jobs due to occur in that time slot.

If a Crew Member is booked for a shift in a time period that conflicts with their Unavailability, then a warning will display on the Shifts Page.

If a Crew Member becomes unavailable for a shift that’s been confirmed already it is possible to take crew’s name off the shift and make unavailable in one go by pressing the “Make Unavailable” button in the Shifts Edit Page or Job Sheet Page, which will automatically enter that Crew Member’s Unavailability in the Unavailability Page. The entry in “Unavailabilities Page” will say “Made unavailable by admin – time/date of entry”.

When Admin has selected to allow crew to enter their unavailability in “Crew Area. Crew Members can enter their own Unavailability in Crew Login, and Crew must not be booked on any shifts within that time period to be able to enter an unavailability.

Unavailability Search: Enter crew name and/or Date to make a search for unavailabilities. Any unavailability can be edited or deleted in this page by clicking on the “edit” or “delete” icons next to each entry.

Add Unavailability: Select crew name, then start date/time and finish date/time. Weekly Unavailability, when ticked, PM enters an unavailability with the same day(s) and times of the week every week for the next 6 months. Crew Unavailability Reason is required and Request Status is to be select as Approved/Pending/Denied, once done click “Submit Unavailability”.

Note: If Request Status left blank the entered unavailability will not be active. 

Admin will confirm Crew Unavailability: This option in Global Settings allows whether unavailabilities must be approved by admin or not.

If “No” selected, crew can simply go on to their crew pages and enter an unavailability in the system.

If “Yes” is selected, then each unavailability “request” must be viewed and approved by admin by selecting “approved” in the “Request Status” in the Unavailability Page and saved.

If any feedback needs to be sent to crew regarding their request, it can be entered in the “Admin Status Feedback” and click “Submit” after “Email Feedback to Crew” is selected “Yes”.

AUB > Global Settings > Admin will confirm Crew Unavailability A

N Hide crew weekly Unavailability: Admin has the ability to hide/show the following option within the Add/Edit Unavailability option selected via ‘Unavailability’ link for both Administrator and Crew Logins.