3.32 VEVO Check

VEVO Check allows you to know the working conditions of all your employees, making it easy to remain compliant in the workplace. It’s important to diversify your employee body without risking your business. The assurance of a VEVO Check removes the guesswork of hiring employees on differing visas because you can easily see the status of a potential crew member.

The VEVO Check function is an added feature in PM/CrewGO, if you do not see the VEVO Check in your system, contact PM/CrewGO so they can add it for you.

3.32.1 VEVO Check in Recruitment

You can check the VEVO of a potential crew member during the Recruitment Process. In the Agreements tab, in the Citizenship section, select the type of visa, enter the passport number, and the origin country of the potential crew member, then click the Check VEVO button.

The VEVO Check will display the result of the checking similar to the screenshot below. You can also click on the PDF Link to view the actual PDF file of the VEVO.

This is the sample PDF File of VEVO when the PDF link is clicked.

You can also click VEVO Check History. This will display how many times the VEVO Check was used for the particular crew member.

3.32.2 VEVO Check in Crew Profile

You can also check VEVO in the Crew Profile. Go to the Citizenship Section and the Check VEVO function is there. Follow the same steps outline in 3.32.1 VEVO Check in Recruitment.