3.45 Client Shift Confirmation

The Client Shift Confirmation function will allow clients to select the crew and confirm to a shift. When offers are sent to the crew, crew will have to apply to the job offer. These job applications will then be forwarded to the PM Crew App where clients can select the crew and confirm them to the shift.

Before a client can confirm a crew to a shift, there are various settings that need to be configured. You may request Personnel Manager to activate these settings before using the Client Shift Confirmation function.


1. The Enable Shift Confirmation should be set to YES in the Advanced Settings.

NOTE: Only Personnel Manager can access the Advanced Settings. Notify them that you want this feature to be activated in your system.

2. Set parameters in the Scheduler of Activity.

Click Activity.

Click Edit Activity of the activity where you want to confirm shifts.

Enter data on the following fields:

Auto Scheduler: Tick the box of this field

Enable Scheduler: Enter a number on this field. The number will represent the time when the Scheduler will be triggered after creating a job from the Client Portal.

Proximity: Put a check on this box if you want proximity to be a factor when sending offers to qualified crew.

Proximity KM: The proximity distance where your offer will be sent to crew.

Enter number for Staff Every and Minutes field. This will determine the number of offers to be sent to the number of crew every minute.

Enter number for fields From Rank and To Rank to determine the rank of the crews who will receive the offer.

Tick the box of Enable Client Shift Confirmation for Auto Scheduler.

Repeat the process for all Activities that you want the Client Shift Confirmation to be activated.


In the last step of the booking process in the Client Portal, these boxes should be ticked before clicking Confirm Booking button.

Job offers will then be sent automatically to qualified crews based on the configuration from the Admin Portal and other qualifications like Abilities, etc.


Qualified crews will receive a job offer from the PM Crew App. They will receive these job offer notifications.

Tap on any job offer to display options.

Ignore: The job offer is ignored.

Unavailable: This will send an information to the system that staff is unavailable on this schedule.

Apply: Crew will be able to apply for the job.

When Apply is tapped. A new window will appear to send an application message to the client.

Crew can write texts on this field where they can highlight their expertise and qualifications.

Once done, tap Send.

The application is then submitted to the Client.


Clients need to tap the job cards to view applications.

Then tap on the View and Select Your Preferred Crew tab on the Job Details page.

From this section, client will be able to read the application message of the crew by tapping on the name of the crew. If there are more than one applicant, it will be listed here.

If crew is selected for the job, Client will just need to tap on the Confirm button.