The Auto Scheduler will automatically send offers to the qualified crew. Similar to the Manual Scheduler, you can also use Rank, On Call, Proximity and Merge Shift. Tick box the shift/ shifts on the job sheet, then click auto-scheduler:

When clicked the Auto Scheduler will open. Fill out the fields to commence sending out job offers.

Click one of the following which will be the base of offering the jobs to.

Rank – the offers will be sent according to their rank.

On Call – job offers are sent to crews who are on call

Proximity – job offers are first sent to crew who are nearer to the job location

Merge Shifts – shifts are merged and offers are sent using Rank

Select Abilities: Only crew members with the Ability will receive the offer

Staff Every: The values entered here will determine the volume of offers sent to the crew and how long between the job offers will be sent out

From Rank to Rank: Enter the rank number you wish crew with that ranking will only be offered

Finally, click how you wish to send out the offers, once clicked press go and the shift will be sent out.

Note: You can select the Open Schedule page and a new window will open to display the Scheduler page. Offers will be sent to the crew as indicated by the logs. In Auto Scheduler, offers are sent to qualified crews and if they accepted the offer they will be confirmed instantly except for Auto Scheduler – Merge Shift.

For Auto Scheduler – Merge Shift, if 3 crew members accepted a shift, there will be an interval before someone gets confirmed. The system will select the best crew member among the three who accepted the offer then auto-confirmation is sent to the crew.