4.3 Timesheets

AUB > Timesheets A

Timesheets Page helps to create timesheets that you can export to Excel with modifiable columns such as total hours of work that each crew have done, total charge, profit, margin etc.

How to use TIMESHEETS:

Time sheets search bar: A time sheet of a single crew between set dates can be viewed, printed or emailed. Select the crew name where it says “Member”, choose “from” and “to” dates, then click “Search”, you will then be able to see all shifts that this crew worked / scheduled to work.

Another type of search can be made by “Job sheet number”, simply enter the job sheet number and click “Search”. “Get time sheet related to date” can be used to bring up all records that fall within the week of the selected date, which then can be selected one by one.
The following are the key points that can be done on the ‘Timesheets’ page in order to view or export them.

Enter a date in ‘Get timesheet related to date’ – this will return the timesheets in the week that contains this date,

Select the individual timesheet(s) or click ‘Select All’,

Tick the ‘Approved’ checkbox on any timesheet. This will ‘Approve’ all selected timesheets,

Click Save,

Click either ‘Export Approved Timesheet’ (for individual timesheets) or ‘Export All APPROVED Records’ for all timesheets in the timesheet period,

Once the Excel file has been created you can open and should see all the timesheet info you are after, including breaks (as per below)

Settings for time sheets

Please note that it is possible to configure the Timesheet to your preferences by going to the Global Settings Page, scrolling down to Site Sheet Configuration and editing the parameters found there. You can rename, re-order, hide or delete titles from your Timesheet. Titles include:

Job sheet Number, Shift Number, Meeting Place, Crew Member Name, Mobile Number, Signature, Activity, Task, Start Time, Blank Field (blank text box to manually write the start time on the Timesheet), End Time, Blank Field (blank text box to manually write the end time on the Timesheet), Break Start, Break End, Instructions and Notes.

AUB > Global Settings >Site Sheet Configuration A