4.4 Invoices

<AUB > Invoices A

Invoices Page is found on Administrator dropdown menu.

The Invoices Page has some great features for those who send their tax Invoices to their Clients using Personnel Manager (Labour Hire Companies).
It is simple to operate;

when an Invoice has been sent (emailed) to a Client, it will then appear in the Invoice Page. AUB > Invoices A

when an Invoice has been paid by the Client, then the Invoice can be “Locked”.

In this way it is very easy to Search Unlocked Invoices to see a list of Clients that are outstanding in their payments.

4.4.1 Advanced Invoice Search

By default, the “Invoices” page displays all the Invoices that have been sent by the Personnel Manager system.

Advanced search by use the “Advanced Invoice Search Bar” features; Search Invoices by:

▪Invoice no, Client and/or Date.  Details of each Invoice by number, the business sent date, Client details, the amount of the invoice, the sent date and the lodged date.
The totals of invoiced amount is shown on the right hand side of this bar where it says “Searched Invoice Total“.

▪No.: Search Invoices can be done by enter the invoice number and click Go.

▪Client Name: Allows searching all invoices by client name.

▪Date From, Date To: Any search can be narrowed down by date.

▪Outstanding and Open Invoices: When selected any search you make will only come up with outstanding and open invoices.

▪Deleted Invoices: This option will only show deleted invoices and just as with any other option, it can be combined when making a search.

▪Show Only Selected Invoices: if some of the invoices need to be viewed for an easier review which cannot be refined (because they may not have a common filter to perform a search) then each invoice can be selected in the list and clicked Go while “Show Only Selected Invoices” option ticked. PM then shows only these invoices, therefore showing totals in the right hand side of “Advanced Search Bar.

▪Show Client Totals: This option brings up the results that are grouped by clients.

Example if last 30 days has been selected and this option is ticked, then PM will show all client totals of last 30 days. Or if it’s combined with “Outstanding and Open Invoices” it will only show all outstanding invoices by clients rather by each invoice. You will see a new button appear when a search is made using this option which says “Send Statement”. This is an easy access button to send any statements to any client whether you need to send all of their invoices or all of their outstanding invoices (depends on the results of initial search option).

▪Show Date Paid Invoices: This option will show paid invoices

▪Show Date Locked Invoices: This option will show locked invoices.

▪Show Disabled Invoices: This option will show disabled invoices

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.10.37 am.png

4.4.2 “Select an Action” drop down list

▪Apply Interest: Interests are calculated automatically by PM based on the percentage and grace period set in Global Settings. AUB > Global Settings > Accounts Details (for Invoices) A

To apply interest to any outstanding invoices select them in the list and click Select an Action drop down list and choose “Apply Interest”. This will add accrued interest to the selected invoice(s). They can now be sent to clients. Alternatively green “right arrow”, which are in the middle section of each invoice line, can be clicked to apply the accrued interest amounts to each invoice.

▪Email Statement: An EMAIL STATEMENT (HTML email) can be emailed to all relevant Client Contacts outlining exactly which Invoices have not been paid, how much money is owing and the date the Invoice was first sent. This can be done for one Client or ALL Clients with outstanding debts.

AUB > Invoices >Select Client > Check Outstanding and Open Invoices >Check All > Select an Action > Email Statement A

▪Print Invoices: The PRINT INVOICES feature will export a .pdf file of all selected Invoices which can be saved to your computer.

AUB > Invoices >Select Client > Check Outstanding and Open Invoices >Check All > Select an Action > Print Invoices A

▪Lock Invoices, Unlock Invoices: These options either lock or unlock the selected invoices.

4.4.3 Locking Invoices

To the right of each Invoice record there is a Padlock Icon:

When a Client has paid an Invoice, click the padlock Icon to ‘lock’ the Invoice. If you wish to see which Invoices have not been paid, click the Outstanding and Open Invoices box and press GO. This will bring up a list of all ‘unlocked’ (overdue) Invoices.

If you wish to see how much money is owed to you by a certain client, repeat this procedure and select the client from the list and press GO. You will see at a glance the total of how much money you are owed by this client, the Invoice numbers, the amounts of each invoice and the dates you sent the Invoices.

By selecting a certain date range and pressing GO you can see at a glance your total turnover for that period.

4.4.4 Invoices in Summary

Invoice Settings has options “Detailed” “Summarised” to select in Global Settings, The information within the body of the invoice can be displayed in summary or detail.

Invoices in Summary will consolidate identical lines ie: where all information (except staff name) is the same on two or more lines, this information can be combined onto a single line.

Note: The Crew name column will not be displayed on ‘Summarised’ Invoices even when ‘32.

Show Crew names per shift on Quotes and Invoices’ is set to ‘Yes’

4.4.5 Invoice Auto Update

Previously, in order for new Invoices to be displayed on the ‘Invoices’ page, or changes made to existing Job Sheets to be reflected on the ‘Invoices’ page the Invoice would first need to be emailed to the clients account contact.

It is now possible to update the ‘Invoices’ page automatically for the selected period directly from the Ops Homepage without the need to email to the client account contact first.

“Update Invoices page with Jobsheets for this period”

After clicking on the above, the user is prompted to confirm the update via a popup dialog. All Invoices for the selected period, have now been automatically updated on the ‘Invoices’ page to reflect the respective Job Sheet.

4.4.6 Part Payment of Invoices

To receive a part payment Click on the ‘Invoices’ on the Administrators Utility Bar Enter the amount and date received against the appropriate invoice, then click ‘Add’ to add part payments. To view history click on ‘History’ Icon will provide a history of payments.

▪Invoice: Once part payment is added the part payment will show on the invoice.

▪Statement: When you email a client statement the part payment amount will now be shown.

▪Client Notes: The ‘Client Notes’ section of a Client now displays part payment details

N 4.4.7 Disable Invoice

You can disable an invoice by clicking the disable invoice button.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.11.25 am.png

Confirmation Popups for Disable/Delete Invoices:

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.08.13 am.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.08.25 am.png

N 4.4.8 Add Invoice Payment Date

You can add a date when an invoice was paid and click Add.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.15.24 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.10.50 am.png