4.9 Contract Settings

The Contract Settings allow user to create contracts that can be used in Recruitment. Additionally, signatures can also be created which can be affixed automatically to any available contract. The Contract feature of CrewGo is an additional function so if you do not see the Contract Settings in your system, contact Personnel Manager so they can add it for you.

The contracts function in PM/CrewGo eliminates the need for hardcopies of any contracts because everything can now be done inside the system. To get started with Contracts, activate the settings first under the Advanced Settings.

Go to Settings, then Advanced Settings>Settings Tab then select Yes in the dropdown menu for Contracts.

The Contract Settings will then be visible in your Settings.

4.9.1 Adding Signature

Different contracts need different signature. In this section, you can create signature depending on your requirement. Click Add Signature and a new window will appear where you have to enter required information. You need to supply Signature Block Name, Admin Name and Title.

Under the Signature block, use the cursor of your mouse as the tip of your pen. You can move the mouse cursor and affix your signature as if you are actually affixing your signature on a piece of paper.

If you want to redo your signature, simply click the Clear button and the Signature block will be cleared. If you are satisfied with the appearance of your signature, you can now click Save. The newly created signature will then be added in the Signature List.

In the Signature List, there are Actions icons: Edit and Delete. If you want to edit the signature, click on the pencil icon and then you will be able to edit the signature. The same window when adding signature will appear. Delete Signature once clicked will pop-up a warning if you really want to delete the signature.

4.9.2 Adding Contracts

The info box for adding new contracts is opened by default so no need to click the button Add Contract. Enter the title of the contract in the provided field. After that you can now enter the details of the contract in the next info box. You can use various formatting tools to make the appearance of your contract more formal and presentable. You can make the text bold, italic, insert photos, videos, and more by using the editor.

After you added the content of the contract you can now select the signature to be used for the contract from the dropdown menu. Click Save once you are finished with the contract.

The newly-added contract will now be listed in the Contracts List. If you want to edit the contract, click on the pencil icon and then you will be able to edit the contract. The same window when adding contract will appear. Delete contract once clicked will pop-up a warning if you really want to delete the signature.