5.0 Client Login Page

Client Login is the access granted to clients by selecting “Client” in the Login Page as the User type.

The Username and Password for Clients are entered by Admin User on the “Clients” page (CNB) when adding or editing a Client. (See “Clients” for more info)

Client Login allows the clients to make new bookings, view upcoming shifts and edit them. There are many optional features that can be added to the Client Login on the Admin Login (Global Settings) such as the ability for selected Clients to be able to make bookings online, even the ability for clients to view staff and payroll if these features are enabled. Some companies may choose to use Client Login Page as an internal system rather than allowing their clients to log in to it.

Example: company managers, supervisors can be entered in the PM as “Clients” and they can use the “login page” to enter shifts under their name, see available crew and payroll and view upcoming and completed shifts.