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CA Client is the entity on whose behalf all the work is being conducted. In Ops Home, a Client must be selected in order to create a job sheet. For Labour Hire companies the clients of the company can be listed here or some businesses may prefer to enter their account managers or supervisors as clients.

Client records can be searched by entering the first few letters of the name then selecting from the list that appears. Once selected click “Search” to bring up the records. Search by “Postcode” can also be performed on this page.

Adding a new client

Press ‘Add Client’

Enter the client’s details and create their login. We suggest using the client’s number if they have not requested a certain password. They can change their password through their account.

Click Save & Exit to return to the client list or click Save & Open Profile which will redirect you to the Client Profile, see guide 9.2.

5.2.1 Client Groups

You can create client groups and allocate certain activities to them. Use the arrows to shift clients and activities to the right box to activate.

Scroll at the end of the page and click add new group.

Name the group, use the arrows to move the clients and activities to group them.

The group will save into the system, if you wish to delete a group uses the tick box under the name which will delete the group from the system.

5.2.2 Supervisors
Key: A / DM / M

The Supervisor (Onsite Contact) is the person that crew will report and contact onsite. When added once the name and mobile number are stored in the system for future reference. They are also listed in the Client Access.

App Access: Tick box to allow supervisor to have app access
Message: Message client
Edit: Edit the supervisor
Delete: Quick delete supervisor contact card


The Supervisor (Onsite Contact) is the person that staff will report to from the client company. When a Supervisor (Onsite Contact) is entered, the name and mobile number are stored in the system for future reference in the Supervisor Page and in the individual Client entries.

They are also listed in the Client Access.

If Dual Text Activity is selected in the Activities/Rates page when adding or editing an Activity, then both the Crew Member AND the Onsite Contact will receive reminder SMS messages (if they have been activated). Deleted on-site contacts cannot be restored.

Click add supervisor button

A pop out window will open fill out the fields.

  • Client: Select the client from the dropdown menu list.
  • First Name: Enter the first name of the Supervisor in this field
  • Last Name: Enter the last name of the Supervisor in this field
  • Contact Phone: Enter the contact number of the Supervisor in this field
  • Extension No.: If the Supervisor has an extension number, enter in this field
  • E-mail: Provide the email address of the Supervisor in this field.
  • Password: Nominate a password for the access of the new Supervisor in this field.
  • Supervisor App Access: Tick the box if you want the new Supervisor to have access in the Supervisor App.
  • Click Save after you have entered all the information for the new Supervisor.
  • A confirmation message will appear after you have added the new Supervisor

The following actions can be performed on this page.

App Access: Tick box to allow the supervisor to have access to the app

Message: Click to be redirected to the message page where you can send a message to the supervisor or bulk message

Edit: This will open a pop-out that will allow you to edit the supervisor’s information.

Cross: Click to delete the supervisor from the system, the supervisor will then have a line through like the image below