Key: A / DM / M

There are three types of creating jobs in CrewCard Add Job, Quick Add and Legacy & Add Job. This guide will help guide and create a better understanding of the different types. Hover your mouse over Add Jobs on the CNB:

7.0.1 Add Jobs

Add Jobs feature takes you through a detailed way of adding jobs into your system. Hover your mouse over the Add Jobs on the CNB and click Add Job:

The following window will pop out.

It will take you to a new page. Fill out all fields.

Booking Person: The person who create the job or responsible for the job

Job Location: Click to open the drop-down menu to display the location the booking person falls under

PO No: Enter a reference number or job name

Venue Name: Enter the name of the venue

Meeting Place/ Address: Click the text box to open a drop-down menu with a lift of pre-upload locations or uses the plus button to add a venue, this is the address the crew will go to for the job.

Room: This field helps guide the crew to the right location when they arrive at the venue, click the field to for a drop-down menu of all the meeting marks related to the venue or use the plus button to add a new one.

Onsite Contact: Click the field to present a list of all onsite contacts that associate with the client or use the plus button to add a new onsite contact

Select date, No of Crew, Time on/off, Activity & Ability.

The next page will open, it will display the individual shift. Edit any information.

After clicking Next you will be taken to the overview of the job.

Click next, you will be taken to the Final Info page.

Click confirm booking, this will create the job.

The following message will show including the job reference number, this is a highlight in green in the below screenshot.

Please see guide 7.1 Jobs Sheets learn how to fill out a job sheet.

7.0.2 Quick Add

Quick add it another way to create a job fast. Click quick add:

A pop-out window will show, fill out all fields and press save.

NOTE: You can only quick add if the information for client & venue are already in the system

Once successfully added a message will appear that the top of the pop-out, the job number included, if you wish to edit the job sheet you can click the number which will open a new tab with the job sheet ready to be filled out.

This will open the job sheet, the job description will automatically be entered as Quick Job, click the text box to overwrite the description.

Please see guide 7.1 Jobs Sheets learn how to fill out a job sheet.

7.0.3 Legacy & Add Job

Legacy & Add Job will open the job sheets for the selected client. Click Legacy & Add Job:

This will open up a pop-out window. Select the client and date you wish to open a job sheet for and click go.

This will open the job sheet page. If the client has a job on the date you have selected the existing job sheets will display with a new job shift under the existing. Please see guide 7.1 Jobs Sheets learn how to fill out a job sheet.

In the screenshot below ABC Sydney has an existing job on the day selected, the new shift displays under the existing shift. Please note this shift does not relate to the existing one.

Below is the screenshot is JKM, as you can see there is no existing shifts there for only a new shift on the job sheet will display.

After editing the shift use the footer to perform an action.

If you wish to open a blank job shit for a client click Add Job sheet. This will open up a blank job sheet for the client.