The client profile has the following fields.

Client Details: Enter client’s details

App Access: Create a log in for the client and press ‘Invite’ to email their details

Address: Office address

Billing Address: Enter address is different to office

Account Details: The contact for anything accounts related

Primary Booking: The contact who manages booking

Online Booking: Tick box on/off to allow client to make their own booking

Email Templates: Edit clients own email template based of PM template

Invite Contracts: Invite client to sign a contract

Crew Groups: If need assign crew

Business Association: If needed assign the client to business/es

Additional Information:  Please go to setting to edit see guide 4.7.7

Clients Discounts: Please see guide 6.5

Client Venues: Venues for the clients

Press ‘Save Details’ at the bottom of the page.

9.2.1 ABN Check

ABN can be set to be a mandatory or optional field in the Client Profile. Please email Once activated, the Check ABN button will be activated and can be used to check the ABN details of a company. Enter the ABN on the provided field and click ABN Check. If the ABN is invalid, a warning message will appear.

The name of the company will appear. You can select Accept or Cancel