1.0 Before You Start

This manual is created to provide guidance and reference to the users of Personnel Manager (PM). Further, it gives users depth understanding of its functions and capabilities.

Key – All functions and click paths in this manual marked with following letters indicate that only these user types have access to that particular page/action.

▪A: User type – Administrator

▪C: User type – Crew

▪CL: User type – Client

▪DM: User type – Duty Manager

▪M: User type – Manager

CNB – Central Navigation Bar

Central Navigation Bar is on the top of the page. Each menu icon contains a dropdown menu that links to different pages:


Hover your mouse over these icons to show its dropdown menu list. See sample below:

CNB Tabs Drop Down Photo


Jobs  has the following dropdown menu list:

  • Daily
  • Jobs
  • Shifts
  • Calendar
  • Graph
  • Events
  • Maps
  • Statistics
  • Deleted


Contacts  has the following dropdown menu list:

  • Crew
    • Recruit cards
    • Crew List
    • Crew Groups
    • Search Crew
    • Crew Abilities
    • Incompatibility
    • Unavailability
  • Project Manager
    • Project Managers
    • Project Manager Groups
    • Supervisors
  • Other
    • Venues
    • Tasks
    • Extras
    • Items Groups
    • Items
    • Forms Matrix
    • Projects


Records has the following dropdown menu list:

  • Messages
    • Credits
    • Send an SMS
    • MESSAGE Logs
    • Project Manager MESSAGE
    • Bulk Email
    • Purchase Credits
  • Logs
    • Shift History


Add Job will route you to Add Job screen


This is the Admin Drop Down located on the upper right corner.

The Admin Drop Drown has the following list that contains links to the following pages:

  • HELP
  • AUB – Administrator Utility Bar
    • Settings
    • Businesses
    • Timesheets
    • Project Manager Booking BlocK
    • Rules
    • Payroll
    • Invoices
    • Activities
    • Categories
    • Discounts
    • Extras
    • Allowances
    • Leave
    • Rates History