3.0 Job Offers and App Check-In

Accepting Job Offers

Job Offers are sent to you by Admins. In this section, you will learn how to accept job offers using the PM Crew app.

When a new job offer is sent to you, the Staff App will receive a push notification similar to the photo below. When you tap on this push notification, it will display the details of the job offer where you can accept the offer, ignore the offer, or make yourself unavailable.

If you want to see all the job offers that you’ve received, click Job Offers from the menu. It will list all the job offers that were sent to you.

The Job Offer card will display the client name, job number, shift number, address of the job, the activity for the job, the date of the job and the time when the offer was sent to you.

When you tap a job offer, a pop-up window will appear. From here you are presented with three options: Ignore, Unavailable and Accept Job.

Accept Job: Tap this option to accept the job offer.

Make Unavailable: Tap this option to make yourself unavailable on the date of the job. Once you tapped this option, it will create an unavailability date for you in the system. For example, the job offer is Sept 20 09:00AM – 10:00PM and you choose to make yourself unavailable, it will make an entry for you on the Unavailability page that you are not available on that date and time.

Ignore Job: If you tap this option, the job offer will be ignored.

Checking-in At Your Job

If you have an on-going job for the day, a Check In button will appear in your job list.

To check-in at your on-going-job:

1.   Tap Check In.
2.   Enter the time of your check-in.
3.   Tap Done.

A successful message will pop-up to inform you that you have successfully checked in to the job.

The Start button on the Job Details page is now greyed out because you have checked in already. Aside from the Check In button on the Job List page, you can also use the Start button on the Job Details page to check in to the job.

Entering Break Time

To enter break time, simply click the Break button and select the time then click done.

A prompt message will appear on the screen for the start of your break time. The break start time will also be listed on the Job Details page with green font.

To end the break time, simply click the Break button again. Select the time and click Done. This will log the end of your break time.

On-Going Job Page

After you checked-in to a job, the button in the Job List will now become an On-Going Job.

When you tap on the Ongoing Job button, you will be redirected to this page in the PM Crew app.

Job Details


These are the functions and features that you can use on the Job Details page.


You can view the notes from Partner and Customer from this section. As a staff, it is important that you read these reminders.


There are times when clients require you to submit of photos. This can be useful in different ways. Click the Add Photo button, then you can select your photos through your phone’s photo gallery or you can use your photo camera to take a new one.

When a photo is uploaded, it will appear on this section.


The PM Crew App is equipped with communication capabilities namely the Call and Chat functions.


Click the phone icon on the upper right corner of the Job Details page to initiate a call. This will make an outgoing call to the Client or Supervisor.


Click the message icon on the upper right corner of the Job Details page to initiate a chat. This will open the chatbox where you can exchange messages with Client, Supervisor, Admin or Team Leader.

Completing a Job

Tap on the End button if you have completed your job. A prompt message will ask if you are certain you want to complete the job. Click Yes to confirm otherwise click No.

Once you selected Yes, select the time and click Done. A prompt message will appear to show successful job completion.