Dear Personnel Manager Client,

It’s been a busy period for the team at Personnel Manager, we’re excited to share the details for Personnel Manager v19.3 that is scheduled to be released shortly for all Personnel Manager clients.

New Features:

1. Team Leader Activity:

Select one Activity to be given Team Leader Access. When assigned as this Activity a Crew member can view other crew on this job and edit times within their Crew Access.

Crew Access > Team Leaders can then click “Other crew on this job”

Once Other crew on this job is selected Team Leaders can edit the Timesheet information of the Crew on this job

Note: Other crew on this job will show any shifts from the same jobsheet within X minutes of the Team Leader’s scheduled start time. X is set by the following setting:

Note: Team Leaders will only be able to edit End Times unless the one of following settings are enabled:

2. Activities Hidden from Shifts Page:

Once enabled the Activities Hidden will not show within the Shifts page, shifts with hidden activities are still accessible from their Jobsheet.

3. Crew can be assigned as Managers to multiple businesses and can View all assigned businesses or each business individually:

4. Duty Manager Group 1 Updated:

Extra criteria added to make Duty Manager Group 1 more like the administrator user.

Note there are some functions such as Admin Locking Rank, changing Administrator username and password that are only available to Administrator user.

5. Duty Manager Group 3 Added:

6. Ability to Hide Rules (Rates) and Categories from Duty Managers:

Admin Username and Password hidden from Duty Managers with Settings access

Hide Export Admin Summary from Managers

7. Send email to admin when crew rank is updated & Send email to admin when a shift is deleted (Hide to Disable):

8. Add Extra to All Selected Shifts:

9. Deleted Clients Page Added:

10. Additional placeholders for Multi SMS (Same Crew, Multi Roster and Confirm Multi)

– [TIMES_MULTIPLE_VENUE_ACTIVITYNAME_TASK_INSTRUCTIONS] – Multiple Start – End Times with Venue, Activity, Task Description and Instructions for Crew (Notes)

– [TIMES_MULTIPLE_VENUE_TASKNAME] – Multiple Start – End Times with Venue and Task Name.

New Placeholder for SMS (SMS Job Offer, Confirmations, Reminders etc.):
– [TASKNAME] This will place the Task associated with the Shift being sent via SMS from Personnel Manager.

11. Settings Page Improvements:

Settings separated into tabs (General and Settings):

Sectioned by setting type and ordered alphabetically with jump to section links:

12. Invoice Page Page Improvements:

Add Disable Icon to disable selected invoice and make an extra page to store the disabled invoice

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.11.25 am.png

Confirmation Popups for Disable/Delete Invoices:

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.08.13 am.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.08.25 am.png

Add extra column for Payment paid Date, so user will select a date then lock off the invoice:

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.15.24 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.10.50 am.png

Add extra search filter options for:
– Show Date Paid Invoices
– Show Date Locked Invoices
– Show Disabled invoices

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.10.37 am.png

13. System Updates:

Update PHP to latest version
SSL updates
DNS / Name Server updates
Updated Certificates for Xero Payroll/Invoice Integration
System configuration optimised for higher performance

14. Fixes:

Jobsheet reordering when saved has been fixed.
Total Selected on Invoices Page when searching once again shows the correct amount.
Various minor bugs

15. Exceed Hours Warning:

Exceed Hours Warning/Blocks when crew exceeded Xhours per week or their total confirmed hours since crew started working with SHS.

Step 1:

General Settings Exceed Hours Warning

Example Student Visa the work hour limit is 20hours per week, we have set it as 15hours limit to allow 5hours buffer in case some shift running over time etc.

Block: When this checkbox is ticked it will remove the crew on the crew list for that week as soon as the crew has reached the hour limit.

Warn: When this checkbox is ticked there will be warnings appear on the shifts page, jobsheet page, as well as email warnings as soon as crew exceeded the hour limit, as well as reminder email at 16:00 each date.

Apply to All: When is ticked means the setting wwill apply to all crew system wide, such as 2000hour total limit, it will apply to all crews in the system and if a crew member exceeded the 2000hour there is an Email warning.


Step 2:

Crew Profile page, under the Crew Status you will find the Exceed Hours Warning section with the options that was set from the settings.

If crew is on student visa, please tick the Student Visa, give it a description such as their visa number and upload related document.

16. Coming Soon:

Responsive Staff Portal update (Mobile Friendly):

We are currently working on providing a better experience for mobile users when accessing the functionality within the Crew access of Personnel Manager.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.18.10 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.19.23 am.png

Venue Lock Shifts (Works with Rental Point Integration):

1. Option to Enable or Disable Venue Lock

Venue Lock Setting.png

2. Once enabled Venue Lock/Unlock actions and column will be available to use when Editing Shifts and Jobsheets.

Venue Lock 1.png
Venue Lock 2.png

Crew Tag added to Staff Profile (Visible to Admin only):

– This field will show in PM access for Administrators, Duty Managers, Managers but not within Client/Crew access.

Crew Tag for Email.png

Once entered Crew Tag is shown in the following within the staff name:

1. Shifts page in Staff Column

2. Jobsheet Edit Page: Staff Column & Dropdown

3. Edit Shift Page: Staff Column & Dropdown

4. Message SMS window

New Rental Point Instructions mapping setting:

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.32.16 am.png

Rank Explainer Text available on SMS pages:

Setting for “Rank Explainer Text” that where text can be entered:

Rank Explainer Text.png

Text is shown in message SMS pages/functions if no crew name selected on shifts as helpful information to explain to users how you would like Shifts to be offered.

Message Page Rank Explainer Text.png

Crew Additional Information Warning for Hours Per Week:

Enter a Hrs p/wk limit in each staff against their profile within their Crew Additional Information Fields.

Crew Profile Hrs Per Week Field.png

Warning for Weekly Hrs Limit exceeded can be enabled/disabled from Settings under Emails:


Once set you will receive regular warnings if a staff member has exceeded the hours per week limit you have set within Personnel Manager and via system emails.

Show in Warnings.png


What’s New in 1710 (Previous Version):

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to roll out updates, if you notice anything out of the ordinary please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at