3.0 Managing Jobs in the CrewGo App

The CrewGo app offers tools and functions for you to efficiently manage your job bookings.

The default landing page of the app is the Schedule page. Listed here are your on-going and upcoming jobs which were created under your account.

You can also click the menu icon on the upper-right corner of the screen and tap Jobs.

Staff Status

You will be able to determine the status of a job if the staff has been filled using the colour codes found below the job list on the Schedule page.

Unfilled – the number of staff required for this job is partially fulfilled.

Filled – the number of staff required for this job has been fulfilled.

Open – no staff has been assigned to this job.

Locked – the job is locked by the Administrator.

View Jobs in Calendar

1.   You can view all jobs in the calendar view by tapping the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the Schedule page.

2.   The start date of all your jobs is marked with a circle. You can tap on these dates to display the job under the calendar. Tap on the job to show its details. (See Viewing Job Details for more information)

Viewing Job Details

1.   In the Schedule page, tap the job that you want to view details.

2.   You will be redirected to the Job Details page. koko

The Job Details page displays the location per shift.

3.   Click the location icon to see the staff assigned to the shift and GPS status.

In the Staff GPS page, you can do the following:

Refresh Map – get the latest location of the staff while in the job site

Voice Call – make voice call to the staff

Message – send a message to the stagg

View Timesheet – check and view the timesheet of the staff.

Viewing Timesheet

Timesheet is a record of the amount of time that a staff has spent at work. The accuracy of the information contained in a timesheet is crucial in the calculation of the staff’s payroll.

To view timesheet:

1.   In the Job Details page, tap View Timesheet.

2.   The timesheet of your staff for a particular job will be displayed on the next page.

3.   Tap a shift.
4.   You will now have the option to open, edit or approve that shift. From here, you can review the timesheet for each individual shifts before tapping Final Approval.

Opening, Editing and Approving Timesheet


1.   Tap Open to view the staff assigned to that shift.

2.   All the staff assigned to this shift are displayed here.

Tap on the message icon under the name of the staff if you want to send a message to that staff. See Messaging Staff> for more information.

Tap on the clock icon to view the details of the timesheet. The timings in this page are based on the actual check-in and check-out of the staff using GPS technology.

NOTE: In the Breaks section of the timesheet, the blue blocks are the planned break times of the one who booked the job. Red blocks are the break times or other times submitted by the staff either manually or through GPS tracking. Times entered by the Supervisor will also appear as red.

If you are in this view and you want to edit the timesheet, you need to:

1.   Tap on the name of the staff.
2.   Tap Edit on the bottom of the screen.
3.   Edit the timesheet then tap Save.


1.   Tap Edit to modify the shift.
2.   Edit the details of the shift then tap Save once done.


1.   Tap Approve.
2.   Tap Approve.

Viewing Job Options

You can view all the tools that you need to manage your jobs by tapping Options on the Job Details page.

Create Team

Team is a way of grouping staff to make job booking easier. To create a team, follow the below steps.

1.   Tap Create Team on the Job Options page. The app will try to fetch any teams under your account. If there is none, you can create a team on the next page.

2.   Tap Create Team.


3.   Enter the name of the team.
4.   Tap on the name of the staff to be members of the team.
5.   Tap Save.
6.   Your newly-created team will be listed on the Teams page.

7.   You can delete the team or edit it by tapping the icons on the right corner adjacent to the name’s team.

Note that on the Job Options, Create Team has now become Manage Team.

Assigning a Supervisor

Supervisors’ role is pivotal in an organisation because of their relationship with the staff. They are responsible to influence their subordinates and coach them to do their jobs more effectively.

You can assign a supervisor in the app by going to the Job Options page.

1.   Tap Assign Supervisor.

2.   If there are Supervisors under your account, it will be listed on the next page. If there is none, you can add a Supervisor.

3.   Tap the add button icon.

4.   Fill-out the details of your Supervisor.
5.   Tap Save.
6.   Tap OK.

7.   The name of the Supervisor will now be listed on the Select Job Supervisor page.

8.   Tap on the name of the Supervisor to assign him as the supervisor. A red check mark will appear beside the name of the supervisor.

9.    Tap Save.

10.   Tap OK.

Note that on the Job Options, Assign Supervisor has now become Manage Supervisor.

Messaging Staff

Having constant communication with your staff is crucial in managing your business. The CrewGo app is equipped with a messaging feature so you can get in touch with your staff anytime.

1.    Tap Message on the Job Options page.

2.   Since this is the first time you are using the Messaging feature of the app, the Received and Sent tabs are empty.

3.   Tap Create Message to send a message to the staff.

4.   You will be redirected to the New Message page.

5.   Tap To: to select the recipient of your message.
6.   The app will display the list of your staff and team. Tap on any contact that you want to send the message to.
7.    Tap OK.

8.   Enter Title and Message. You can also add attachments to your message.
9.   You also have options which you can toggle on and off.
10. Tap Send Message.
11. Tap OK after the message has been sent.

Rebooking a Job

You can rebook a job using the same details as the one previously booked. This is particularly helpful if you have the same job requirements for over a period of time. It saves you the time because the details are copied in an instant.

1.   Tap Rebook The Job.
2.   Tap Select New Start Date.

3.   Tap on the new start date for the job.
4.   Tap Done.

5.   Follow the steps for adding a new job. See Section 4: Booking Jobs in the CrewGo App.

Staff Documents

If you need copies of the documents of your staff, you can e-mail them to yourself using the app.

1.   Tap Staff Documents.
2.   Tap on the documents that you need. Alternatively, you can tap Check All to send all the documents to your e-mail address.
3.   Tap E-mail Selected to me to send the document to your e-mail. You can also tap the mail icon to send the documents to your e-mail address.

4.   Tap OK after sending the documents.

Adding Optional Details

If there are optional details that you need to add to a particular job skill you can add it here. The Additional Optional Details of a skill are configured in the CGM Partner Portal. If you want a skill to have additional information, you may contact your Partner to add information.

In the example below, the skill Audio Assistant has additional optional details.

1.   Tap Add Optional Details.
2.   Tap the ‘+’ icon next to the job skill.

3.   The app will display the additional details of the skill that you can add in your job bookings.In the case of the Audio Assistant, the optional details are in the form of checkboxes.

4.   Tap Save.

5.   Tap Add Optional Details in the Job Options will now become Edit Optional Details.

Adding Induction Requirements

Induction is integral to the success of any organisation. Staff members are inducted so they will have a better understanding of your business and the required processes that need to be followed. It’s an orientation of how your business operates, your company culture and other valuable information that will help the staff carry out his tasks accurately and efficiently. In the induction, safety work processes are emphasised and safety risks are mitigated or avoided.

To add induction requirements:

1.   Tap Add Induction Requirement.
2.   Enter the details of the induction.
3.   Tap Save.

4.   Tap OK.

Rating Your Staff

Once a job has been completed, you can make a review of the performance of the staff.

NOTE: The Rate Staff in the Job Options will only appear once the job has been completed.

1.   Tap Rate Staff.
2.   You can rate the staff as a whole or individually. Tap All Staff or tap on the name of the staff.

3.   Move the slider left and right for your rating.

NOTE: You can move the slider of Overall Qualities to set the rating for all the available qualities. You can also move the slider for each individual qualities. The app will calculate the overall rating based on your inputs into the individual qualities. The score is reflected in the Overall Qualities.

You can rate your staff based on the following qualities:

– Skill Level
– Efficiency
– Initiative
– Presentation
– Punctuality
– Friendliness

You can also put your comments on the box after the qualities.

4.   Tap Submit Your Rating once finished.

5.   Tap OK.

Cancelling a Job

There are times when you need to cancel a job because of changes in operational requirements. The app will allow you to cancel a job if it has not started yet.

1.   Tap Cancel Job.
2.   Tap Yes if you really want to cancel the job.