2.0 Accessing Your PM Crew Account

Logging-in to Your PM Crew Account

Once you have activated your account, you can now log-in to the PM Crew app.

1.   Launch the PM Crew app from your device.
2.   Tap Login.

3.   Enter your e-mail address and password (provided by Personnel Manager Admin), then tap Login again.

Note: Please contact your Personnel Manager Admin for access to your PM Crew App.

Accepting the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

When you first log-in to the app, this window will pop out. Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by clicking their respective links. Once you agree with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, click Accept. You are now ready to use the Staff App.

Editing Your PM Crew App Profile

The information on your Profile page are populated from the information that you entered when you were first recruited to join the company. On this page, you can edit your Last Name, First Name, Address and Phone Number.

1.    Click on the three horizontal lines to open the side menu, then click Profile.

2.    Click the pencil icon on the upper right corner of the Profile page. Now you will be able to edit Last Name, First Name, Mobile and Address. Once finished, click Save.

Job List


The Job List page is the homepage of the PM Crew App. From here you will see the Shift Cards where you are confirmed.

The Shift Card is comprised of the following

  • Partner Code with Client Name
  • Shift Number and Job Title
  • Job Location
  • Activity
  • Shift Name

When you tap on a Shift Card, it will open to the Job Details page.


When you click on the Question Mark icon it will display the legend for the colour of the shift cards.


By default the shift cards are displayed on a list type view, when you tap on the calendar icon it will display your confirmed shifts on a calendar interface.

Dates where you have a confirmed shifts are encircled. You can tap on these dates and the shift card will appear at the bottom of the page.

Click on the list icon to display the shift cards on a list view.


The Chat function will allow you to view the messages you have received and the ability to send message to Admin. This icon will also display number to indicate unread messages. If no number is visible on the icon, it means all messages have been read.

Tap on the message and it will display the full thread of the chat conversation.


When the Portal button is clicked, you will be redirected to the Crew Portal view. From here, you can also view your shifts, access day sheet, edit profile and more.

The Crew Portal is the web version of the PM Crew App.


The Status bar on the Job List page will signal if you have a job that you need to check in to.

These are the statuses:

Check In – you need to check in to a job.

On Going – a job is on going

Next Job – you have an upcoming job