4.0 Using the Menu Functions

The core functions of the CrewGo Staff app is found under the menu. The menu is located on the upper left-corner of the screen.

Access the Menu Functions

To access the menu:

1.   Tap the menu icon.
2.  Tap on any of the following menu functions.

Viewing Jobs

You can view all jobs assigned to you by going to the Job functions  found in the menu.

1.   Tap Jobs.
2.   All Jobs that have been assigned to you will be displayed on this page.


You will notice that Jobs are color coded depending on their current status:

Red means the job has been booked.

Blue means the job is on-going.

Orange means the job is open which needs an action from you.

Gray means the job is locked.

NOTE: You can also tap Ongoing Job to check-in or view that job. See Checking-in at Your On-Going Job for more information.

3.   Tap on any job to show its details.
4.   View all the details of the job on this page. You can scroll down to view more information.

Job Details Page

The Job Details page displays the following information on the Staff App:

Job Title
Meeting Place


In the Job Details page, tap the exclamation point icon. This will redirect you to a new browser page where you can access Induction, Policies, Procedures and Safe Work Methods.


In the Job Details page, you can also click the direction icon. This will open up the Maps application that will guide you on your way to work.


In the Job Details page, you make an audio call, video call or send message to your Supervisor. Tap the different icons to contact your Supervisor.


You can also view the additional requirement of the job in terms of Induction, Optional Details and Qualifications.

If the colour of the bar is orange, it means there is a requirement. If the colour of the bar is grey, it means there is no requirement.

Tap on Induction to see the details of the Induction requirement.

In the screenshot below, under Instruction, you will be able to see your Induction Status.

Tap Optional Details to check additional information for the job.

Your On-Going Job

If you have an on-going job for the day, the app will automatically go to that page after logging in. You can also go to your On-Going Job by tapping the menu icon.

1.    Tap Ongoing Job. The app will redirect you to your on-going job and it will ask you to check-in if you haven’t checked-in already. See Checking-in at Your On-Going Job for more information.
2.   You can view the details of your on-going job here.

Viewing Your Timesheets

1.   Tap Timesheet in the menu. The page will list down all jobs which have been completed. It will also display the job which you are currently checked-in.
2.   Tap a job on the list.

3.   You will be redirected to the Job Details page. Click Edit Timesheet. Go to Editing Timesheet for more information.

Job Offers

View your job offers by tapping Job Offers in the menu. See Accepting Job Offers for more information.

Off Call and On Call

1.   Tap Off Call or On Call in the menu.
2.   You can tap on the button icon to set it ON or OFF.

On Call Status will ignore your current unavailability and preferred area to work based on your current location.

On Call Job Offers will be sent until On Call is switched off.

Accessing Your Messages

To view your messages:

1.   Tap Messages in the menu.
2.   Your messages will be listed on the next page. You have two tabs, Received and Sent. If you have read a message, that message will have a lighter shade of orange. If it’s unread, the message is highlighted by a darker shade of orange.

NOTE: You can only reply to a message you received by you cannot initiate a new message.

Terms and Conditions

1.   Read the terms and conditions of using the CrewGo Staff app by tapping T&Cs.
2.   The Staff Terms and Conditions will be displayed on this page. Scroll down to read the entire document.
3.   Tap Close once finished.

Privacy Policy

1.   Tap Privacy Policy in the menu.
2.   Scroll down to read the entire Staff Privacy Policy.
3.   Tap Close once finished.

Setting Availability

As a staff, you can set your availability using the CrewGo Staff app.

1.   Tap Availability.
2.   You will be redirected to the Availability page. All jobs assigned to you are marked on this calendar.

Take note on the Availability color code on the calendar:

3.   Tap a date on the calendar to set your Availability. The Set Availability options will be displayed on the screen.

4.   If you are not available for the whole day tap Unavailable for whole day. You can also repeat this setting by tapping the field next to Repeat. You can set it by daily, weekly, fortnightly, or none.

5.   Tap Set.

6.   You can also set unavailability for specific hours. Instead of tapping Unavailable for the whole day, tap Start Time.
7.   Select the time and tap Done.
8.   Tap End Time, then select the time and tap Done.
9.   Tap Set.

To undo your Unavailability Date, follow below steps:

1.   Tap on the date of your unavailability.
2.   Tap on the check mark icon.

3.   Tap on trash icon bin.
4.   Tap Set.

Accessing Your Profile

Your profile has been setup during the registration process. To view your profile:

1.   Tap Profile in the menu.
2.   Tap the edit icon to update/edit your profile. See Completing Your CrewGo Staff Profile for more information.

Changing the Password of Your Account

1.    Access Profile in the menu.
2.   Tap Change Password.

3.   Enter your Current Password and nominate a New Password. Retype the New Password.
4.   Tap Change Password.
5.   Tap OK.